10 easy peasy pakora recipes for when cravings strike

Nothing is more enjoyable and relaxing than sitting by the window munching on hotpakoras and sipping on a cup of tea, isn’t it?

We bring to you different types of pakora recipes that will make your monsoons more delicious.

1.Egg Pakora – Egg fritters

Egg Pakora - Egg fritters

© Tourism and food Egg Pakora – Egg fritters

Image credit: Tourism and food

Want to make an easy, innovative and healthy evening snack? Try this delicious and lip smacking egg pakora recipe this monsoon. It will be devoured by children and adults equally!

Get recipe here.

2. Harimirch Pakora – Green Chilli fritters

Harimirch Pakora

© miansari66 Harimirch Pakora – Green Chilli fritters

Image credit: miansari66

Crispy harimirch (green chilli) pakoras stuffed with potato filling…it can’t get better than this!

Get recipe here.

3. Palak Pakora – Spinach fritters

Palak Pakora

© Veg recipes of India Palak Pakora – Spinach fritters

Image credit: Veg recipes of India

Palak pakora is a crispy wafer-thin snack, prepared with spinach (palak). It is utterly unique and a delicious snack that can be served as a starter too.

Get recipe here.

4. Rice Pakora – Rice fritters

Rice Pakora


© Spice up the curry Rice Pakora – Rice fritters

Image credit: Spice up the curry

Evening snacks just got tastier and healthier with these crispy rice pakoras. The best part of making these pakoras is that you can use the left over rice too! So next time your kids get hungry, try this recipe. We are sure they will love it!

Get recipe here.

5. Baigan Pakora – Egg plant fritters

Baigan Pakora

© Flavours of mumbai Baigan Pakora – Egg plant fritters

Image credit: Flavours of mumbai

Here’s another mouth-watering pakora which is crispy on the outside and has a melt-in-your-mouth inside. Made from eggplant, this a delicious and equally easy recipe to try!

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6. Prawn Pakora – Prawn fritters

Prawn Pakora

© Cinnamon Prawn Pakora – Prawn fritters

Image credit: Cinnamon

This pakora is popular among the sea food lovers. Unlike other pakoras, this is a spicy variant. These irresistible crispy nibbles are loved by everyone including kids!

Get recipe here.

7. Gobi Pakora – Cauliflower fritters

Gobi Pakora

© Bold sky Gobi Pakora – Cauliflower fritters

Image credit: Bold sky

These delicious hot pakoras are made by dipping cauliflower florets in a batter of besan(gram flour), along with other spices. A must-try recipe with ketchup or green chutney!

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8. Bread Pakora – Bread fritters

Bread Pakora

© tarladalal.com Bread Pakora – Bread fritters

Image credit: tarladalal.com

This pakora is made by stuffing potatoes between bread slices and then coated with gram flour batter. Some also apply green chutney to bread slices on the inside, to make it more delicious. It is also considered to be one of the most devoured street foods in India!

Get recipe here.

9. Paneer Pakora – Cottage Cheese fritters

Paneer Pakora

© Flavours Of Mumbai Paneer Pakora – Cottage Cheese fritters

Image credit: Flavours Of Mumbai

This paneer stuffed with garlic chutney, dipped in batter coated with crushed boondi and deep fried, is a delicacy! This crispy pakora is a mouthwatering appetizer and makes for a great tea time snack.

Get recipe here.

10. Moong Dal Pakora – Split Green Gram fritters

Moong Dal Pakora

© Manjula’s kitchen Moong Dal Pakora – Split Green Gram fritters

Image credit: Manjula’s kitchen

Moong dal pakora is another popular pakora variant which is crispy on the outside and soft inside. Served with green chutney and ketchup, it is available at all streets and corners of Mumbai!

Get recipe here.

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