10 remedies to banish dark circles

Dark circles steal the glow off your face. Take a look at the natural remedies for treating dark circles around your eyes.

1. Dark Circle Remedies

When the blood vessels below the eyes become dilated or when congestion puts pressure on the blood vessels, you can get dark circles under the eyes. Under-eye circles can be caused by poor skin elasticity, excessive salt intake, pollutants (such as smoke) and even genetics. It’s quite simple to get rid of dark circles under eyes, you can do it naturally. (Image source:Getty)

2. Tomato Paste

Make a paste by combining two grated tomatoes, a spoon of lemon juice, a pinch of gram flour and turmeric powder each. Apply the paste gently around your eyes and rinse with clean water after 10 or 20 minutes. Do this twice a week to make the skin tone around your eyes lighter. (Image source:Getty)

3. Lemon Juice

Lemon can help remove dark circles under the eyes, owing to the bleaching properties of vitamin C. Apply lemon juice using a cotton ball around your eyes and rinse it off after ten minutes. Using lemon thrice a week will make the skin tone around your eyes lighter and eventually the dark circles will go away. (Image source:Getty)

4. Cucumber

Putting slices of fresh cucumber or applying fresh juices of cucumber over your eyes can help reduce dark circles to a great extent. Applying the juices for entire night gives you quick and effective results. (Image source:Getty)

5. Almond Oil

Another natural ingredient which is effective for dark circles under the eyes is almond oil. Before going to bed, apply a little almond oil over the dark circles. Do this for at least two weeks and dark circles will disappear completely. (Image source:Getty)

6. Mint Leaves

Mint leaves can be used to soothe your eyes and also to get rid of dark circles. Apply freshly crushed mint leaves around your eyes, leave it for 10 minutes and wipe it off with a clean cloth dipped in cold water. (Image source:Getty)

7. Orange Juice and Glycerine

Combine orange juice with glycerine and apply the mixture around your eyes to get rid of dark circles. Apart from being a dark circle remedy, it also gives your skin a glow and will make the skin around your eyes smoother. (Image source:Getty)

8. Ice Treatment

A compress of ice or iced water has a cooling effect on the semi-transparent skin beneath your eyes.  Apply ice bags daily; for 30 minutes after you wake up. Doing this streamlines blood flow and removes the extra osmosis pressure on your eyes. (Image source:Getty)

9. Diet

You can get rid of dark circles under eyes through diet; taking good amount of green vegetables, vitamins and fruits in your diet. Include fruits such as banana, mangoes and oranges in your diet; additionally vegetables such as spinach, green, carrots and brinjals can have good effect on the skin around your eyes. (Image source:Getty)

10. Daily Exercise

Daily exercise may not help you get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, but it can improve circulation of blood throughout the body and the face. Daily exercise stimulates your breathing and leaves skin fresh. (Image source:Getty)

11. Sleep and Sleeping Habits

A good night’s sleep makes you feel better and also banish under-eye circles. Health experts advise 6-8 hours of daily sleep to have fresh and circles-free face. Moreover, you need to correct the sleeping habits to remove the puffiness of eyes. (Image source:Getty)

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