Arun Jately’s ‘Pink of Health’ Enthuses Bariatric Surgeons

Arun Jately’s ‘Pink of Health’ Enthuses Bariatric Surgeons

New Delhi, October 25: Bariatric surgeons foresee a turnaround in Arun Jately’s health. Union Finance Minister Jately’s new ‘pink’ look after bariatric surgery early last month has enthused them.

This mood was evident in Indraprastha Apollo hospital’s auditorium where prominent bariatric surgeons and endocrinologists had congregated on Saturday (October 25) to discuss this surgery’s role in managing obesity and remission of diabetes.

Though they refused to discuss Arun Jately’s case up front from the dais, they all privately said Arun Jately was well on his way to be in fine fettle. They foresaw dramatic improvement in his health.

They also gave choice of Dr. Pradeep Chowbey, chief of the bariatric surgery in Max hospital, as the surgeon to do gastric bypass surgery on Arun Jately, thumbs up. They said there could not have been a better surgeon than Dr. Chowbey for the most valuable patient in the country.  They were in complete agreement that Dr. Chowbey is the best bariatric surgeon in the country.

Bariatric surgeons said when Jately was shifted to AIIMS; they were as much worried for his health as for the future of bariatric surgery. They also said there was nothing amiss on the part Dr. Chowbey. Bariatric surgeons all seemed sure that Arun jately’s persona will turn a new leaf and it will be a great incentive to bariatric surgery which has turned diabetes into a surgical disease. They said increase in his stamina and energy and weight loss is already showing up and glow in his face indicates a volume.  They said catching pneumonia after bariatric surgery was not the result of any slip up in the surgery, a perception that has wrongly gained ground.

61 year old Arun Jately had 117 kg weight and was suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. Bariatric surgery was considered the only way to cope with this situation. After surgery in Max, he had to be shifted to AIIMS to treat his pneumonia.

In the beginning of conference cum CME, Dr. Arun Prasad, senior bariatric and metabolic surgeon at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital and vice-president of the Obesity Surgery Society of India (OSSI) said issues involved in Arun Jately’s surgery would be discussed as it was the most important aspect but later on had a second thought and gave it a go by. He performed two live robotic bariatric surgeries in Apollo as part of the event.

Dr. Jayashree Todkar, joint secretary of OSSI and a bariatric surgeon from Mumbai and Pune, gave an extensive talk on bariatric surgery’s key role in management of obesity and remission of diabetes. She was very optimistic about great future of bariatric surgery.

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