Aruna Broota Red Flags Parents of Class 12 Boys in Delhi

Aruna Broota Red Flags Parents of Class 12 Boys in Delhi

New Delhi, 22 September: Renowned clinical psychologist and agony aunt for stressed out class 12 boys before examination has warned that hawk eyed parents mend their ways lest they start compounding their children’s exam related problems. The most sought after counselor in exam time, Dr. Broota has caught an anxiety- increasing trend and hence she has issued a wake up call well before the crunch comes.

While talking exclusively to Meditoall Editor –in-Chief Dhananjay, She said that she had already started getting calls for help. Anxiety for exam in class 12 students of Delhi has started denting their psyche. Intervention should start now. There is no instant remedy for exam related hassles. It will have to be evolved in time. They have to be prepared to take exam stress in their stride. Time is now to begin. She said she got call 15 or 20 days before the exam begins in March to do something to calm their frayed children as if ‘I have some instant remedy’.

Dr. Broota red flagged parents for much of the agony of class 12 students of Delhi in the run up to the exam.  Parents’ mishandling spikes their anxieties all the more. They had better mend their ways. She said in pursuit to control their preparation for exam, they mostly end up as spoiler rather then facilitator. In fact, they do it with good intention but they do not know how to do it. Counseling to them is also a must so that they do not aggravate their children’s problem. She has advised parents not to control them but guide them tactfully.

She said most of the class 12 students I advised were found miffed with their parents. They were found having yearning to defy their parents. This shows there is something very seriously wrong in the way they are handling their children. She advised parents to compare children with others forthwith, not to be judgmental at all. They should accept them as they are. Parents should stop too transferring their anxieties on their children.

Dr. Broota stressed on the need to develop stress immunity in them. If they are groomed to that end, class 12 students can very easily cope with stress attendant on exam. My counseling has helped many class 12 students in developing stress immunity. Key areas that need to be tackled on that score include first the food, sleep hours and instilling of positive attitude. She underlined food to be very important in the development of stress immunity. During exam, high fiber food is of paramount importance in developing this immunity. Researches have shown that eating much of white flour spikes anger and irritation.  Some food slows down blood supply to brain which in turn becomes cause of stress.

For managing class 12 Board Exams, Dr. Aruna Broota has started a campaign named ‘Board on the Boards’. Aruna Broota said, ‘Key areas that need to be focused include study skills, memory enhancing techniques, time management, managing E-addictions namely behaviors related to internet and mobile use.

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