Baba Ramdeo’s ‘Quixotic’ Claims might get verified in a Modern Lab

Yoga guru stares modern docs in their eyes in Sir Ganga Ram hospital

Baba Ramdeo’s ‘Quixotic’ Claims might get verified in a Modern Lab

New Delhi, October 17:  Baba Ramdeo, the maverick Yoga guru, though mispronounced fallopian tube as ‘Philippian’ tube in Sir Ganga Ram hospital, yet it is not a laughing matter.

His allegedly quixotic cure claims might get verified in a high tech research facility in Sir Ganga Ram hospital.

Baba Ramdeo gets the goat of modern doctors by claims of treating a number of difficult illnesses by his yoga techniques coupled with his ayurvedic concoctions. He did exactly that in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital yesterday evening, staring into many modern specialist doctors into their eys.

Cardiologists, neurologists, pulmonary specialists, research scientists all modern health personnel broke into peals of laughter over his cure claims, his stomach churning and ways of speaking through his lecture in Sir Ganga Ram’s auditorium, packed to the full but it might get serious soon. His liberal use of terms used by modern doctors namely, immunosuppressant, cortical levels, palliation mighty impressed them too in a seemingly ‘theater of the absurd’. Some of the doctors got irritated to hear his claims and laughed them off, calling them absurd.

Talking to Meditoall editor Dhananjay Kumar, Dr. N.K. Ganguli, chairman, Ganga Ram Research Institute and former Director General of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the apex government health research Institute, said, ‘ Of course his cure claims can be and should be verified in the modern laboratories by modern researchers. We are amenable to work on his claims in our highly well equipped research centre to substantiate them.’

Dr. S. C. Manchanda, head of cardiology, Sir ganga Ram Hospital and former head in AIIMS, who is one of the rare modern doctors who believe in the efficacy of yoga in cardiac problems, said, ‘I will talk to Dr. D.S Rana, Chairman, management committee of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and suggest that hospital should do research with Baba Ramdeo’s Patanjali Yoga Sansthan to substantiate his claims and for innovations in treating patients.’

Dr. Manchanda further said, ‘Baba Ramdeo has said he is founding the biggest research centre in the world and it will be headed by Dr. Shirlley Pelles, a modern neuro specialist. If it is so, nothing could be better than this. Shirlley is a globally renowned health researcher and is prolifically published in prestigious journals all over the world. Shirlley has been researching for about 15 years in sVyasa Bangalore. His claims must also be verified in AIIMS to benefit society’

Baba Ramdev in his lecture claimed that yoga and herbal concoctions could open arterial blocks, clear fallopian tubes to open way for pregnancy, fight dengue, swine flu and other illnesses caused by viruses with élan. He appealed that different methods of treatment should come together for the benefit of society. They should bury their animosity.  Baba clarified that he never made the claim that he has panacea for all diseases. ‘I am not mad like dog has bitten me to claim so’ he said.  He challenged doctors to disprove his claim that a mixture of papaya and pomegranate juice can raise platelet levels in dengue patients.

Many doctors there were of the view that his claims must be verified in modern laboratories. Dr. Rana had invited Baba Ramdeo for the confluence of his yogic knowledge and modern medicine. It should not be surprise if Baba’s claims pass through the strict regimen of modern scientific research in the hospital.


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