Doctors Should Strike Chord with Patients- Narendra Modi

Doctors Should Strike Chord with Patients- Narendra Modi

New Delhi, October 20: PM Narendra Modi today advised outgoing MBBS students to also strike a chord with patients in place of only focusing on the diseases inflicting them. By doing that they would inject in them the power to fight diseases. He said patients have a lot of trust in doctors’ words. PM was addressing here today the 42nd annual convocation of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS). Game changer Modi proved a mood changer in AIIMS. He provoked students to smile rather than looking grave.

He advised them to keep the students alive in them. Be serious about your responsibilities but don’t live life in seriousness. Life should be spent happily.

Modi did not administer any moral dose in them. He liberally sprinkled light heartedness. PM humbly accepted that he was never a good student, nor did he get a chance to receive an award.

He advised AIIMS director to begin the trend of inviting students from poor back ground as special guests in convocations. If they do so, poor children would be inspired to become like them. The impact can be big. It has great strength. He advised them to enter into the bigger class of society with a mindset of Eklavya.

He underlined the fact that India lagged behind in terms of medical research and said that much needed to be done. He said, ‘ We should focus on research, particularly case history. There cannot be a bigger contribution to humankind than this’.  He said, ‘people often talk about my boundless energy.
There is nothing surprising about that. You are medical professionals…add some science and the fact that the need to do something always gives you energy.’

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