Hawa Badlo is all set to ‘Nuke’ India

Fuel Badlo is the only way to avert pollution perils

New Delhi, 23 September: Come 2030, you would surely be one of the weird looking faces in the ambient picture if air pollution continues unabated. An innovative campaign ‘Hawa Badlo’ has  been unveiled to avert the impending pollution perils. The campaign prescribes that fuel change as only way forward.  The campaign has created a ‘Time Bomb’ to explode on the consciousness of people to yank them out of slumber. The nuke threat of Pakistan may turn out hollow but ‘Time Bomb’ detonates for sure in November to unleash apparitions of pollution apocalypse. Pollution would imperil health the most.

hawa-badlo-is-all-set-to-nuke-india-1Future of air we breathe no doubt is nightmarish but not without a saving grace. But use of Natural gas fuel can avert the impending apocalypse that might catch with us till 2030 if we continue with the fuels we use today. The current fuels  would surley make air so heavy with toxic pollutants that it would be well neigh impossible to live and move without oxygen kit as a permanent saddle. Time is now to ‘Hawa Badlo’ by switching to least toxin generating fuel to make air breathable because we are perilously close to air catastrophe.

An innovative  video named ‘Time Bomb’ assembled by Hawa Badlo, an independent people’s movement spearheaded by a Gurgaon based startup Social Cloud Ventures, offers a reality check of looming pollution induced calamity. It conjure up a spectacle of people looking pale and joyless  despite breathtaking technological advancement at hand,  burdened with oxygen kit and seeming old at bare 30. The video essays most poignantly the frightening prospect that awaits India, already sitting on pollution minefield, in case we do not start course correction  right away by ditching fuels that are in use today. The video very strongly advocates the need of India switching to the use of natural gas fuel to defeat bane of pollution zeroing in on us ominously and also calls for strong laws to that end.

Hawa Badlo has launched ‘Time Bomb’ video this month, with government’s natural gas company GAIL’s active support, to sensitize people about the need to go for the radical fuel alteration.  This campaign aims to make people realize that India is sitting on ticking time bomb named pollution and if they delay in reforming fuel use, they are bound to reach a point of no return. The air catastrophe would wreak havoc on coming generation.

Hawa Badlo’s video “Time Bomb” presents the horror that 2030 India might be if pollution is allowed to pile up unabated. The video juxtaposes the amazing technology advancement in 2030 with the pollution crippled India. The video shows how the generation living then will require oxygen kit to breathe in the air, how without oxygen Kit it will be impossible to step out of house. Pollution would kill all the joy under the Indian sun and there would not be faces glowing with happiness. White faces and grey hair of the mom and dad in the video represents the havoc that pollution would wreak on health of the people. People all would look ill and aged just in their late 30s.The girl in the video shares a strong message for the people of this generation that if precautionary steps are not taken right away, human beings will fall in the “endangered species” category soon.

With the increasing urbanization and industrialization the usage of fuels are increasing day by day leading to pollution time bomb.  These fuels we use today emit Carbon dioxide, Sulphur dioxide, Nitrogen Oxide and Particulate Matter in the environment which pollute air badly. The pollutants that these fuels create are disastrous for not only living creatures but also for the non-living things. The problem is use of fuels cannot be stopped as industries are running on them but we can definitely change the usage pattern to Natural Gas.

According to experts, Natural Gas is flammable gas, consists largely of methane and other hydrocarbons, occurring naturally underground (often in association with petroleum) and can be used as fuels for several purposes. They emit less harmful particulate matter in the atmosphere.  The use of Natural gas in power generation and industrial applications should be adopted, either in conjunction with other fossil fuels, or instead of them as they releases very small amounts of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, virtually leaves no ash or particulate matter, and lower levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  Not only in industrial sector, Natural Gas should be adopted by transportation sector as well, instead of Petrol and Diesel, switch to CNG and PNG.  These fuels are lighter on pocket and on Lungs too.

Mrs. Vandana Chanana, Sposkesperson, GAIL (India) Limited says “Time Bomb shows the truth of future India, there is no denying that in coming few years mortality rate will be high because of pollution and the bomb will explode creating havoc for our breathing systems.  Natural Gas usage is no big deal as they are easily available, they are cheaper and they emit less harmful oxides in air, keeping air pollution level low and, most importantly, they do not harm your health

Dr. Vivek Nangia, Director, Fortis Lung Centre, Fortis Hospital says “Pollution creates many respiratory problems like Asthma, Bronchitis and affects the lungs due to which the whole breathing system gets affected. Ashes from pollution particulates also lead to many skin disease conditions. Degraded air quality is ultimately leading to health catastrophe

Mr. Nipun Arora, Founder, Hawa Badlo said “Time Bomb is alarming us how 2030 India will look if pollution is not stopped right away.  We are becoming selfish and want to lead a luxurious life, big cars, big house and everything big.  Owing a big car is not their fault, but no running your car on Natural Gas is. Half of the population do not use natural gas fuel for their cars. This is how we are becoming selfish, as we are thinking about our comfort only.  Similarly owing luxurious items are no crime but do the Industries use Natural Gas, answer will be No.  So, this is how we are creating a Time Bomb which would blast once the level of oxygen is overtaken by levels of other harmful particulate matters and there will be no fresh air to breathe in”

Mr.Indranil Das, Spokesperson for Hawa Badlo, GAIL (India) Limited says “Think if we have to purchase oxygen kit and have to carry everywhere? What if we will have to keep a check on our breath and our life will be limited to some kilograms of oxygen?  Start the use of Natural Gas and gift the future generation a cleaner and greener India

Natural Gas is the one and only solution to stop India from inching towards pollution precipice and to save India from explosion of the Bomb.  Let’s not just sit and talk about the problems, instead let’s go out and make a change. Let’s take a pledge to curb pollution from its roots and to make India pollution free.

HawaBadlo is an independent people’s movement spearheaded by a Gurgaon based startup Social Cloud Ventures with intent to change the air quality level and make country more breathable. Initiative is supported by GAIL (India) Limited to in building a sustainable environment for the young India. GAIL, the youngest Maharatna ,saw huge value in the radical ideas of HawaBadlo team and decided to support and empower the idea to become a national movement.

The movement aims at motivating people to commit towards air-friendly habits like switching to CNG/electric vehicles, carpooling, and use of public transport. In the initial year, team is focusing to work primarily in areas of Delhi NCR and bring a change. For more updates about the movement, follow HAWA BADLO on Facebook.com/hawabadlo Or Twitter handle @hawabadlo.