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Quick recovery is what everyone wishes post back surgery. But there are various things which need to be taken care of for quick rehabilitation. Whereas it cannot be denied that the success of the surgery depends on the skill of the performing surgeon, various precautions, if taken by the patient or his attendants, can improve the chances of quick healing.

First and foremost is following the doctor’s advice diligently and taking medicines according to their prescriptions.

Many a times it is noticed that patients change the dosage on their own. This can be harmful.

Physical exercises can aid greatly in recovery. But due care should be taken that no wrong exercise is done and exercise during the recovery period should be done in the presence of an experienced physiotherapist.

There are few lifestyle changes that if adopted well can help enormously in the course of recovery. Smoking is to be completely avoided as it interferes with the immune system and slows down the recovery. Excessive drinking is also to be avoided as it causes choking of the nerves. Alcohol increases sedation if consumed with pain killers or muscle relaxants.

Keeping a check on your sleeping patterns also helps a lot in the course of recovery. Medicines taken post surgery often disturb the normal sleep cycle. People either sleep more than usual or don’t sleep at all. It may take some time to get back to the regular routine, so don’t take any stress. Stress can further delay the recovery.

Avoid sitting for long hours; instead go for small walks after a certain period of time as suggested by your doctor. Sitting in the right posture is equally important. Prolonged sitting and that too in a wrong posture can cause enormous stress on your back.

Post surgery one should avoid bending forward and lifting heavy objects.

Maintaining your weight is very important post surgery. Excess weight results in extra stress on the weight bearing structures like the discs in the spine. Maintain a healthy weight for healthy back. Eat healthy and nutritious food and completely avoid junk food. Healthy food nourishes the entire body thus helping in the healing process. Eat food which is rich in fibre content e.g. bran and fruits are very important. Also drinking regular eight glasses of water is necessary as adequate intake of fluids is also a must and aids in quick recovery.

Regular walking, stretching, isometric and extension exercises to strengthen the core muscles can do wonders in speedy recovery of the post lumbar or cervical spine surgery.

Most importantly, having a positive attitude can do wonders. Being prepared for the surgery, helps in developing a sense of confidence which further may help in the path of quick recovery.

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