India may Turn into Global Motherhood Freezing Hub

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Meet India’s ‘Exporter’ of Joy to Childless Couples

Motherhood brooks no frontiers. Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour, a renowned test tube baby expert at ISIS, a world-class advanced fertility and IVF Centre at Kailash Colony, has this global filial feeling when every year on Mother’s Day, she is flooded with affection through letters, SMSs, calls, paintings, flowers, cakes, thank you cards bearing heart warming words like ‘thanks mom’ sent by test tube babies from all over the world.
Dr. Shivani Sachedev Gour is the biggest exporter of ‘joy unlimited’ to infertile couples abroad. Infertile Couples in quest of bundle of joys come from as far as US, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Brazil et al. She says, ‘It is a special feeling to be called ‘real mom’ by children living in far away regions of the world.’ The name ISIS, though recently has assumed frightening connotation, is the name of a deity who was worshipped in hoary past as an ideal mother. Dr. Shivani is adored with the same intense passion by couples whose lives were made by her IVF expertise.
Dr. Shivani feels she has thousands of children who are hopping worldwide. They are of course cynosure of their biological parents living thousands of miles away but their ‘real’ mother, i.e. Dr. Shivani stays here in India. Dr (Mrs) Sachdev says, ‘there is nothing more fulfilling than giving babies to childless couples who fly all the way from across the world’.
Of course, a test tube baby assumes shape on a Petri dish but Dr. Shivani feels she bore them all in her own ‘womb’. She alternates between moments of agony and hope just as their mothers really bearing them go through. As many as 100 couples come every month to her clinic Surrogacy Centre of India SCI (clinic is also named as ISIS) for fertility solutions. Total test tube babies born with her center are 4000 (four thousand) and they are in over 50 countries of the world. Her center has achieved the distinction of having largest number of babies born through surrogacy totaling 895.
With such massive numbers to her credit, she bears the pangs of failures as well as intensely as the real parents. She says: ‘Making childless couples feel the joys of having children is a passion for me, so I always undergo swings between happiness at the success and sadness at the failure. Every failed cycle is a personal failure. It is as good as a labor pain.’
Dr Shivani says, ‘attendant vigil on the maturing babies a very taxing one for a concerned IVF expert ’. Here initially dancing came handy in mitigating her tense moments. She has taken training of Latin American ball room dancing up to third level but now her own son takes her most of the time after IVF procedure. She also reads a lot to relax. She said, ‘when I cuddle my son, the thought how childless couple might be feeling after getting one gives me immense satisfaction. Every test tube baby to a childless couple is a joy multiplier for me.’
Dr Shivani is especially moved by the doggedness of the childless couples to get their bundles of joy. They do not want to leave any ‘sperm or ovum’ unturned to get the sunshine for their lonely homes. Childless couples are very active on Facebook and flaunt their precious find with flair. Dr. Shivani considers these test tube babies as her greatest trophies.
Dr. Shivani says, ‘regardless of what amount a childless couple has to pay, the test tube baby they get is always a gift for life for them. The money spent is nothing compared to the fund of joy they get.’ Dr (Mrs) Shivani is moved by those mothers who come with a great craving for children but do not have money to spend on the procedure. She gifts them test tube babies on a platter for free.
ISIS is today dubbed as the Indian version of ‘Bourn Hall’, the original centre where test tube baby technique took its birth. Having received extensive training in UK at the hands of veritable ‘who’s who’ of this procedure, she initially did her practice there only. Later she moved to Mumbai. She has been doing her practice in Delhi for six years. Dr. Shivani is trained in all aspects of infertility treatment and reproductive medicine. In surrogacy, she stands out in whole of the country and has lately left even best behind.

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India may Turn into Global Motherhood Freezing Hub

New Delhi, October 17:  India is likely to be a global hub of egg freezing for delaying motherhood. Eggs freezing being dog cheap here, foreign women have already started looking towards India for this. Talking to, Dr. Shivani Sachdeo Gaur, a renowned Delhi test tube baby (IVF) and fertility expert at SCI Healthcare in Kailash Colony, who has already frozen eggs of two career women from USA, said, ‘ Egg freezing being so cheap in India compared to developed countries, India is sure to become a global motherhood freezing hub.’ Freezing has been in the news due to Facebook and Google announcing a couple of days ago freezing of eggs for their women staff as perks to delay motherhood for the sake of furthering career. Dr. Shivani Sachdeo Gaur, Director, said, ‘In USA and Britain, the cost of freezing eggs is about  Rs.12 lakh while in India it is at less than 2 lakh of rupees. Egg freezing is also picking up in India. Only the other day a woman politician (37) of a newbie party came asking for freezing of eggs. She wanted to delay motherhood for politics but even this cheap cost seemed prohibitive to her. A lady wanted to get her eggs frozen because she was unsure whether her boy friend would marry her or not. A high profile GK lawyer has recently got her eggs frozen in my centre.’ She said, ‘20 percent of women over 40 who come in my fertility centre for consultation want their motherhood delayed and so are found amenable to egg freezing procedure.’ She further said, ‘medical freezing was already happening in cases where women were suffering from serious diseases including cancer. A woman suffering from cancer had to get it done to avert chemotherapy’s adverse effect on egg producing ability. Egg freezing for delaying motherhood merely for career is being called social freezing.’ Praising Apple and Facebook initiative, Dr. Shivani Sachdeo said, ‘Indian government should also encourage this so that more and more women do not scuttle their career in the middle to become mothers.  take These two multinationals have announced this perk to correct their very bad  gender ratio position. She said, ‘there seems to be some confusion regarding cost of egg freezing. One time payment at the time of retrieval of eggs will not be the only payment. The same amount will also be charged at the time of its use. In addition to this, 30 thousand rupees per year will be charged for maintaining retrieved eggs’

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