Kejriwal Shows, Diabetes is no Handicap

Diabetes even proves a blessing, if one really learns to live with it.

Kejriwal Shows, Diabetes is no Handicap

New Delhi, January 10: In his stunning victory, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal, The Diabetic, has underlined a very ‘healthy’ point – diabetes is no handicap if one learns to live with it. And can even live as spectacularly as Kejriwal, the upcoming Chief Minister of Delhi.

Mark what Arvind Kejriwal, The Diabetic, has done! One who earned the moniker ‘mufflerman’ muffled the voice of all and sundry in 2nd Delhi elections. He has certainly proved that if you are a diabetic, you need not be a ‘Bhagoda’ (escapist) from life. Unlike some diabetes- disabled ones, one can take a ‘U turn’ for the best in life like Kejriwal has shown.  Rather diabetes could be a blessing as even Sushma Swaraj, the Foreign Minister, a diabetic, has been heard saying on record many a time.

Diabetologists in Delhi all have given diabetes thumbs up via Arvind Kejriwal.  According to them, like all other diabetic icons, Kejriwal has once again shown Diabetes is no odd at all in the way of achievement. It is a matter of jubilation for whole of India as capital of Diabetes.

anil_bansalDr. Anil Bansal, a diabetic of 22 years and an avid supporter of AAP, has been an indefatigable crusader against quackery and in his own little realm did as spectacularly as Kejriwal. Pitted against well encrusted coterie of veteran doctors lobby, Dr. Bansal won twice with highest number of votes in Delhi Medical Council elections. He was also looked at as Aam doctor leader. Enthused by  his leader’s stunning victory, Dr. Bansal said, ‘As Arivind Kejriwal has shown beyond doubt, Diabetes is no hurdle at all in life. Once you come to know of it, you can live and enjoy life better than even normal persons, if you want to. Only you need to learn the rope to manage diabetes by changing your life style forthwith after the discovery.’

Dr_JhinganDr. Bansal further says, ‘Diabetes is deterrence in life only if you surrender before it. As Wasim Akram, the great cricketer and many others have shown- Learn to tame it and it gives you all the qualities to triumph in life. Diabetics cutting across party lines should see their victory in the victory of Kejriwal’.

Speaking to Dhananjay Kumar, Editor,, Dr. Anoop Mishra, Chairman, Fortis C-DOC Center of Excellence for Diabetes, Metabolic diseases and endocrinology, said, ‘It is absolutely correct to say that diabetes is no handicap. Most of them, about 80 percent of diabetics, win the life in trying to win the disease. Only 10 percent of them are taken in by depression. With right guidance, diabetics can develop better attitude than normal human beings and live life better too. Arvind Kejriwal, like many other iconic diabetics, has shown it loud and clear.

Dr-Anoop-MisraDr. Ashok Jhingan, Chairman, Delhi Diabetes Research Centre, says, ‘Among my whole gamut of diabetic patients, I have found they have more energy, more aggression and more passion to win over odds. These qualities are inculcated due to diabetics’ fight to win the disease. Arvind Kejriwal is a living diabetic legend who has underlined diabetes is no hurdle in the way of reaching to the top.’

But one should not miss the irony of Kejriwal being a diabetic. PM Narendra Modi sees diabetes politically and differently. In one of his rallies in Delhi before last year’s May 16th general elections, Modi declared diabetes the most dreaded disease saying it can lead to multi organ failure. It could have been a slant against Kejriwal too. He even dubbed Kejriwal as some who might lead to situation like multi organ failure in governance. Now it is to be seen whether AAP government proves a blessing for Delhi or it leads to multi organ failure as is one of the consequences of diabetes going awry.

However, PM Modi has invited Kejriwal for tea and a charcha (talk) over it. The question is when Kejriwal goes to have tea with PM Modi, will he ask for tea without sugar or have it with sugar in the aftermath of such stunning victory.


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