No one will die of heart disease in Delhi- NCR

Cure is where heart is

For want of money

No One Will Die of Heart Disease in Delhi- NCR 

New Delh: 19 September: It may still take long to herald ‘health for all’ scenario but ‘Heart for all’ has almost arrived in Delhi-NCR. Even a penny less heart patient will have bypass, angioplasty and hole- in- the heart repair procedures in high end super specialty hospital like Medanta for free.

In the run up to 5 days MTNL Perfect Health Mela, slated to start from 15th of October, Dr. K. K. Aggarwal, President of Heart Care Foundation of India, the mela organizer, has pledged that Heart Care Foundation will not allow any death to happen due to heart disease for want of money. Heart Care Foundation has created a Sameer Malik Heart Care Fund to ensure pledge. He said to Meditoall, ‘Heart Care Foundation will be at beck and call of all those heart patients who have none to look to. They would be get quality treatment for free in Medanta and National Heart Institute like five star hospitals’.

Coming as does from recently elected Secretary General of IMA, the largest body of more than two lakh allopath doctors in India, good days is ahead for heart patients throughout the country. Nothing could be more heartening than this announcement so near World Heart Day (29th September). This is in fact the need of the hour because heart disease is no confined to rich only. It has started striking people of all economic strata. Out of pocket expenditure is pushing millions of people below poverty line. Heart ailment is one of the reasons of this.

Dr. Aggarwal said, ‘This fund will help even those who have not enough money for heart treatment.  The bottom line is no one should die of heart disease just because they can not afford the treatment. Any heart patient, who needs expensive medical procedure like Bypass and Angioplasty but can not afford it, will have these life saving procedures completely free. The fund will facilitate 500 heart procedures free every year but even if the number exceeds, he has the wherewithal at hand to cater to them too.

Dr. Aggarwal said, ‘About 33 percent of all who are coming for help in fact do not need any heart procedure. They can be treated medically. We tell them they do not need bypass or angioplasty and help them with free medicines. Not that they doctors are wrongly prescribing heart procedures, most of them gave them procedure only as other option.

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