PM proves ‘Modicine’ for SAARC Patients

Modi erased boundaries for patients of SAARC conutries

PM proves ‘Modicine’ for SAARC Patients

New Delhi, November 28: PM Narendra Modi’s announcement at the just concluded SAARC summit has been roundly appreciated by Indian health providers and patients of India’s neighboring countries as well. He announced that medical visas would be granted immediately for the patient and attendants from SAARC countries, without any delay. This is considered as manna from heaven for patients of SAARC countries including that of Pakistan, who urgently need medical intervention.

This announcement has also brought cheers for Indian private health providers like Apollo, Fortis, Max healthcare et al. It is considered a great boost to medical tourism. Private health providers are expecting windfall of patients from neighboring seeking quality treatment. India has achieved a world class standard in treatment and is the only quality medical hub in SAARC region but delay in visa for patients often proved a great stumbling block.

apollo_636812fThe healthcare industry, at large, had always expressed apprehension about protocols and procedures that foreign patients had to go through to avail medical treatment in India. While medical and clinical excellences have always attracted patients, strict protocols and stringent rules diverted patients to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

India’ s leading healthcare company, Apollo Hospitals, has appreciated the announcement of immediate medical visas for patients from SAARC countries, cutting red tape on medical tourism. In a press release it has said, ‘The announcement of immediate medical visas for patients from SAARC countries will accelerate medical value travel.’

Dr. Prathap C. Reddy, Chairman Apollo Hospitals Group, said, ‘Apollo Hospitals would like to thank PM Narendra Modi for this well-timed announcement. This will give a huge boost to medical tourism in India, which we at Apollo have been aggressively propagating in promoting India as a global health destination. We unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with century-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth. True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible to the people all over the world, which will become easier with this move by the Government’.

He has further said, ‘Healthcare, as the Prime Minister pointed out, can play a crucial role in building connectivity and strengthening India’s relations with the SAARC countries. While easing trade and business regulations will boost economic development, reducing red tape on medical travel and tourism will also go a long way in catalyzing growth in the healthcare sector. Life, as we have always advocated, is priceless and no borders and boundaries should prevent reach of medicine for the needy’.
A substantial number of patients from Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Pakistan come to India for treatment. These are countries that lack tertiary care and hence patients come looking for medical expertise and world class healthcare. Most of the patients come in for orthopedic, oncology and cardiac care. However, the size of the segment is considerably high and demand exists for all super specialties.

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