Revive your eyes with these techniques

If you have itchy eyes with swelling or your eyes feel too tired to work and need quick relief, revive them with these natural techniques.

Tired Eyes

Your eyes are your gateway to the world. If they are tired, you may not be able to enjoy the many beautiful things around. It may affect your mood as well as your performance at work. Here are some amazing techniques to revive those tired eyes.

Ample Sleep

Best way to allow your eyes to revive is to regularly get ample sleep for around 7 hours daily. Without proper sleep your eyes will feel tired and stressed. Allow your eyes to rest with regular uninterrupted sleep. Also make sure you wash your eyes before you sleep.

Chilled Tea Bags

Love sipping cups of your favorite tea? Don’t throw away those used tea bags. Tea is rich in tannins and antioxidants, which have the ability to rejuvenate the eyes once the tea bags are put in the freezer for 4-5 minutes andt then placed on the eyes till their coolness wears off.

Cold Cucumber Slices

Cut slices of cucumber, large enough to cover your eyes and place them in refrigerator for some time. Once the slices are cool, place them on your eyes for quick relief. It’s an easy and handy remedies for your eyes.

Eye bath

Take clean water or a medical eye wash in a bowl. Place the bowl in  front of you and slowing try to dip your eyes in the liquid with them being open. It will give your eyes a quick bath, removing dirt and pollutants off your eyes, thus allowing your eyes a perfect environment to recover.

Cucumber Soaked Eye Pads

Cucumber soaked eye pads are easy to use and very effective in providing tired eyes the much-needed relief. You can place the pads on your eyes overnight for even better results. It will also reduce the swelling around the eyes.

Potato Juice

Potatoes can be very effective in curing dark circles and providing quick relief to tired and puffy eyes.  Extract juice out of a potato and cool it for a few minutes in the refrigerator. Once cold, apply the juice around your eyes with the help of a cotton swab.


Massage the area around the eyes to improve blood circulation and improve the lymphatic drainage to relieve puffiness around the eyes.  Gently massage around your eyes, making gentle circles with your index finger for quick relief.

Eye Drops

Use an eye drop prescribed by your ophthalmologist to soothe itchy and tired eyes. Do not, however, use an eye drop that has been kept open for long as using one can lead to infections.

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