The Script of Healthy India Goes on Floor in Mumbai

‘Chupe Rustam: The silent Killers’ campaign hit on Health Box Office   

The script of Healthy India Goes on Floor in Mumbai

Mumbai, March 25 : It sounds like ‘Chupe Rustam Returns’ but in fact it is a health campaign seeking to revive health mantra- Healthy Body is the first Happiness, which is enshrined in our scriptures.

It is a campaign to save Indian population from perilous silent killer ‘twins’- hypertension and diabetes. The medium is of course drama (Nukkad Natak) Street Play which has been found the most effective means to spread awareness about any social cause.

The slogan, ‘the mantra- Healthy body is the first happiness to make a healthy India’ tuned in B Town after making its presence felt in iconic Tihar Jail in Delhi and tourist state of Goa. Not long ago last month, Goa got hued by this mantra along with Holi’s fun and frolic. But B-Town, which is always in the vanguard of all social campaign, is a special feather in Chupe Rustam cap.

Dr. Sushila Sansar Chand Almast Public Welfare Trust (Sukhi Sansar), Paridhi Art Group, Mumbai Mandi House Group, and Meditoall, a Delhi health portal combined to launch Chupe Rustam: The silent Killers in B- Town on March 22. The young artists of Mandi house group played Nukkad Natak in front of Oscar Hall (opposite Maurya Landmark) in Andheri (W) and very effectively underscored the dangers of hypertension and diabetes.

Ajay Sharma, a cine artist, belonging to Mandi House Group played a crucial role in organizing this campaign successfully. Smartican, the fast upcoming Indian social media website, played media partner of the campaign. ‘We have been hearing of blockbuster films in Bollywood so far, but we have resolved to make this campaign for health a blockbuster too. This campaign will surely be a hit on the box office of health in B-Town,’ says Ajay Sharma.

The script of Healthy India Goes on Floor in Mumbai

Cine & TV Artists who gathered in large numbers to get sensitized about health also got themselves free screened for hypertension and diabetes (sugar). The Young cine artists drama group was rehearsing for the last six days under the guidance of Nirmul Ratanlal Vaid President Paridhi Art Group.

Dr. Sushrut Almast, a well known radiologist, founder of the campaign and chairman of the ‘Sukhi Sansar’ trust was seen brimming with joy to see the health slogan- “Healthy mind & body is the first happiness to make a healthy India”- echoing in the film city B-Town.

In a telecom from Mumbai with Meditoall editor in chief Dhananjay, Dr. Almast said, ‘Our scriptures have named health as the first happiness & all else is secondary to health but we have forgotten this wisdom and are hankering after everything else except health, little realizing that all happiness without the first happiness i.e. health are of no use. Although, we are doing free screening for only hypertension and diabetes in this campaign, the larger aim of the campaign is to revive this mantra enshrined in our scriptures. My resolve has got a shot in the arm by the association of cine artists of Mumbai joining this campaign.’

For the first time ever Nukkada Natak has been used as the medium to underline the importance of health. And lo and behold! It has become the USP of Mission Chupe Rustam. Health wisdom that cannot be instilled by quaint speeches is being hammered home by the Nukkad Natak, very successfully.

This campaign has earned a lot of laurels in iconic Tihar jail and tourist state Goa. In Tihar, inmates themselves play the Nukkad Natak,. After screening of 14 thousand Tihar inmates, Chupe Rustam is sure to get into Limca Book of Records.

Dr. Almast gushes- ‘I will not rest in peace until one hundred and a twenty five crore Indians are provided the facility to get their Blood pressure & Blood Suger tested free of cost at least once every year.’

Dr. Almast may seem a little over the top but the way the campaign is getting its pace & recognition his aim does not seem impossible, albeit a little difficult. His resolve is getting stronger by the day, with the immense praise and support that this campaign is getting everywhere.

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