Weight loss diets that you should NEVER follow

Don’t we all want a quick fix to weight loss? Even though most of us know that no diet gets us immediate results, it seems like our appetite for quick weight loss is simply insatiable. Talking of weight loss and absurd diet ideas, we get you a low-down on the unhealthiest diets which are only good for a hearty laugh. We plead you to not waste your time on these fad diets!

The Nazi Diet: Going back in history, Alex Siry actually went on to make a diet as crazy as this one. This diet believes that one should honour the Russian soldiers who were lost to starvation in World War II by consuming the same amount of rations as they did: 400 grams of bread and 100 grams of vodka per day. However, this diet which only leads to starvation and thus, an unhealthy you.

The Cabbage Soup Diet: Vegetable soup can be a great part of any nutrition plan, agreed, but then how about eating only broth which does not provide all the nutrients? No doubt, you will lose weight but the moment you add any other food element in your soup diet, you’ll see the kilos bouncing back.

The Cookie Diet: Sanford Siegal came up with this delicious-sounding-but-unreal-diet. This diet talks of a blend of amino acid that Siegal would bake in to cookies. The prescription read six cookies a day and one 300 calorie meal. People lost weight courtesy the low calorie intake and strangely, not the cookies. How sad!

The Breatharian Diet: So this diet works on a so-called idea that one needs only sunlight and air to survive. False. Breatharianism, focusses on being one with nature. But, let us remind you that this only results in hospitalisation for dehydration, malnourishment and sometimes even death. How unrealistic can we get?

The Fletcherizing Diet: Horace Fletcher sadly confused ‘chew your food’ with insanity. In his diet, he encouraged people to chew food at least 100 times before swallowing it, including liquids. Moreover, he went on to claim if precisely executed, the bowel movements would become ‘inoffensive’. Come on, are you even serious?

The Baby Food Diet: The famous workout expert Tracy Anderson suggested swapping any two out of the three meals a day with baby food. Yes! She got it all wrong because an average adult needs to consume a minimum of 1200 calories daily in comparison to a 600 calorie a day diet given to babies. Malnourishment is all you get, so clearly stay away from this diet as well.

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