Arun Jaitley Handling MIB is a Smart Move…

The recent announcement that the Ministry of  Information and Broadcasting (MIB) ministry would now change hands; going from Prakash Javadekar to Arun Jaitley; Arun Jaitley is assuming additional responsibility of the Ministry of I&B. He is one of the senior most ministers in the government and his arrival at MIB will ensure that all pending issues are resolved quickly. The private FM radio has been waiting with bated breath for the government to make some progress in terms of the next phase of radio expansion. After a static period, there has been hope that the new government will be more proactive in addressing the plight of the radio industry. So far, though the way has been slow, there have been efforts taken in the right direction. With the I&B ministry and the finance ministry now under the same purview, radio operators are hopeful that it will lead to even more proactive steps.

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