Arvind Kejriwal’s Health Rendezvous may prove mere Placebo

He will have to customize himself to Delhi environment

Arvind Kejriwal’s Health Rendezvous may prove mere Placebo

New Delhi, March 17: Arvind Kejriwal may soon be back to square one health wise.

After his return to Delhi from naturopathy rendezvous in Bangalore, Delhi chief minister tweet gushed- ‘Cough gone, sugar under control. Feeling fresh n fit. Am excited to return to resume work’.

Of course he is in fine fettle now. But the ‘acute’ question is- Will he be able to sustain this wellness in the same Delhi environment, what with the daily grind of chief ministerial responsibilities?  Health experts are afraid the health gains in Bangalore naturopathy centre might prove mere placebo when he again encounters Delhi environment and fails to customize himself to the real terrain. The real concern is the sustainability of his wellness.

Talking to Meditoall, editor, dhananjay kumar, Dr.  Ashok Jhingan, a famous diabetologist and chairman, Delhi Diabetes Research Centre, says, ‘I have always been saying to my diabetics- change your life style before diabetes changes you. But I am afraid the benefits that accrued on CM Kejriwal during his 15 days life style modifications in Jindal Nature Cure may prove temporary in Delhi environment. To sustain his benefits, the same environment will have to be created in Delhi too, which may seem difficult but not impossible.’

Dr. Jhingan further says, ‘the word ‘cure’ in this case is a misnomer as it always has been in the case of diabetes. If he reverts back to same triggering environment, he might have to go back to naturopathy centers a couple of more times.’

Dr. Anil Bansal, former president, Delhi Medical Association (DMA) and a vociferous supporter of AAP, especially, Kejriwal says, ‘I have been diabetes for over 20 years and conducted myself without any crisis situation ever always living in Delhi. The president of DMA is not a shade less hectic than a chief minister. CM Kejriwal also can replicate it but he will have to stick to a strict life style regimen and regular medicine. He will have to shun his errant life style.’

Dr. Bansal further says, ‘wrong message should not go that going to a naturopathy centre ‘cures’ a diabetic. The same benefits can be had in a naturopathy center in the vicinity of Delhi but the real challenge is to sustain the benefits in the work a day situation. My father in law is a diabetic and has retired, so he has work hassles. He also goes to naturopathy centers in the vicinity of Delhi, gains the same benefit but once out from there, has to cope with the same trying times again. So, much should not be read into Kejriwal’s health rendezvous.’

Kejriwal was treated at the Jindal Nature Cure Institute in Bangalore for chronic cough, asthma-related problems and high blood sugar levels. Kejriwal was admitted here on March 5. Doctors have reportedly advised him to stick to prescribed regime, including diet and exercises for another fortnight. The Jindal Cure Institute experts have also warned that digression may again precipitate the same crisis situation.

As for now his sugar level is, fasting at 90mg/dl and post prandial at 130mg/dl and his medication has been reduced to 30 percent compared to at the time of his admission to this institute. When 46 year old Kejriwal was rushed to the centre, his condition was critical, what with nagging cough and uncontrolled sugar level.

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