Big B will take on ‘Big Killer B’

It is likely to be his yet another blockbuster health campaign

Big B will take on ‘Big Killer B’

New Delhi, March13: Amitabh Bachhan aka Big B has approved new script for another mega health campaign. After his blockbuster polio drive, he is readying himself to take on big killer hepatitis B.

Union Government has ‘signed’ him for being brand ambassador for its campaign against big killer hepatitis B. Armed with his polio eradication credentials; Big B is being seen as a most handy celeb in grabbing attention of people regarding this killer disease. Big B’s ‘Do Boond Zindagi Ke’ campaign played a critical role in the eradication of polio in India. It is hoped that his Hep B campaign would drive people equally successfully towards vaccinating themselves against the killer virus.

The campaign is most likely to start in April.

Casualty figures are daunting. According to World Health Organization (WHO) figures, 6 00,000 people die from Hep B virus infection in India annually. The country already has over 4, 00 00000 Hep B infected patients. Hep B infection has led to astounding numbers of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer cases in the country. Contaminated and non sterilized needles have been underlined a main culprit for spreading this killer virus’s scourge. Mass vaccination is being seen as the only way to protect people from this scourge.  Dhananjay kumar


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