Colas: Bane for Bones, Ditch them

Arthritis Foundation of India dubs colas villain of the piece for bones

Colas: Bane for Bones, Ditch them

New Delhi, August 4: On ‘National Bone and Joint day’, Arthritis foundation of India (AFI) dubbed colas as the villain of the piece so far as bone health is concerned. It said Colas squeeze calcium out of bones and make them fragile.

Experts called on children and youth of the country to ditch these sugary hazards as soon as possible if they want to keep their bones intact.

On the occasion of National Bone and Joint day, experts launching a mobile App named ‘My Bones’ underlined colas and smoking as deleterious to bone mass.

Prof. Shishir Rastogi (Ortho, AIIMS), Dr. Sushil Sharma, Sr. Ortho Surgeon & Chairman, AFI, Dr. Amit Nath Mishra, Sr. Consultant, Apollo Hospital & Dr.Atul Kakkar (Sr. Rheumatologist, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital) were in agreement that colas ( all carbonated soft drinks) are bane for the bones of youth and children of the country.

They agreed that colas are new tobacco and are wreaking havoc on the bone mass of youth and children who are hooked on them badly. These empty calories empty calcium out of the bone mass and leave them hollow. Dr. Sushil Sharma said, ‘A study has been done in Europe which has concluded that colas lead to bone calcium depletion. We have also written to Union health ministry to keep colas out of bound for children while they are in school.’

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