Ebola Scare is Reaching Crescendo in India

Ebola Scare is Reaching Crescendo in India

New Delhi, October 7: Ebola scare is reaching crescendo in India. A Japanese tourist visiting India is suspected of being infected with the fatal Ebola virus.

Indian government is taking impending danger of this virus seriously, so much so that PM Narendra Modi talked about ways to fight it with American authorities while he was touring USA.

According to reports, Kawakubo Yuko (27), who landed in Imphal after touring five countries, has exhibited symptoms of the fatal virus infection. She has arrived India via Myanmar.

Since tests done on him for more common illnesses have come negative at Imphal’s hospital, doctors sent blood samples to India’s National Institute of Virology to be tested for Ebola. In case, tests there come positive, India will have to move swiftly for containing the dieses from spreading through contacts. Indian health officials may decide to have her moved to isolation ward of the Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, Imphal.

Before this the case of a 26-year-old Indian man named Alip Das had raised the alarm earlier this month. He was suspected of Ebola during a trip of Nigeria. But his tests came negative and Indian health officials had taken a sigh of relief. Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan has said, ‘We are carefully screening all passengers coming from Ebola infected countries at the airport itself. As of today there is no suspected case of Ebola in India.’

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