‘Fugitive’ Lady Dentists Thumb Nose at Dental Council of India

DCI announces zero tolerance for violation of ethics by dentists

‘Fugitive’ Lady Dentists Thumb Nose at Dental Council of India

New Delhi, July 4:  Dental Council of India’s ‘teeth’ to implement its code of ethics ache.

Dental Council of India (DCI)’s president, Dr. Dibyendu Majumdar, though sounds stringent about code of ethics formulated comprehensively for dentists but two lady dentists registered in India but practicing in UK are making a mockery of all his talk of zero tolerance for violation of ethical codes. Going by the book, any kind of advertisement about self by a dentist is strictly prohibited but the lady dentists in question are thumbing nose at DCI with impunity.

Dr. Ateksha Khanna and Dr. Niharika Gulati are advertising a UK company’s toothpaste Sensodyne in India, flaunting prominently their name as dentists. State councils have already initiated actions against them but that has been in limbo for long. Mr. Majumdar, being elected unanimously second time as president of DCI recently, in his press conference on Thursday, instructed DCI Secretary  Dr Col. S.K. Ojha to expedite the process of actions against them. These lady dentists may lose their registration due to sensodyne advertisement.

Dr. Majumdar said, ‘DCI is not going to tolerate even a shade of violations of its code of ethics. Every registered dental practitioner is restricted for Advertisement, Publicity and Signage and there will be no leniency regarding that.’

He said further, ‘The DCI has brought about some radical changes in the process of dental education. Seized with the standards of the education and doctors, the DCI went ahead with reforms and brought in regulations wherein a medical college is a must for a new dental college. It is because, to start post graduate course in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, the attachment of medical college is mandatory. DCI has also decided about periodic inspection of dental colleges to make them keep up benchmark standard. It would strictly be surprise inspection. The Government of India has also approved the policy decision of the DCI regarding if any false affidavit is submitted by an faculty, action would be initiated for cancellation of his/her registration and legal/criminal action may also be initiated.’

 Dr. Majumdar said, ‘ We are committed to rural oral health and to that end in mind we have made it mandatory for all dental colleges to adopt two villages each and open dental clinics their. Even DCI is going to open clinics in headquarter premise. We would also inspect whether they are complying or not’

DCI has reintroduced internship program because comprehensive clinical exposure is essential to finish a professional educational program. For the benefits of the students, the Council re-introduced one year rotational internship program with rural posting after completion of 4 years BDS Course.

The DCI is also working on creations of jobs in PHC, CHC, & Sub-Centre in the states. The Council has requested Chief Minister of each state to create job for dentists in the PHC, CHC & Sub-Centres.

Mr. Majumdar said, ‘the Government of India, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare has approved the Revised Dentists (Code of Ethics) Regulations, 2014 and it got notified in the official Extraordinary Gazette of India. The major highlights of the Regulations are:

  • The registered dental practitioner shall issue death certificates if a patient dies during the procedure.
  • Every registered dental practitioner shall maintain the relevant records pertaining to his out-patients and in-patient and reserved for a minimum period of three years.
  • Every registered dental practitioner shall display the registration number in all his/her prescriptions, certificates and money receipts given to his/her patients.
  • Every registered dental practitioner is restrict/bound for Advertisement, Publicity and Signage.
  • Registered dental practitioner shall not directly or indirectly, participate in or be a party to act of division, transference, assignment, subordination, rebating, splitting or refunding of any fee of medical, surgical or other treatment.

He said, ‘the topic of Forensic Medicine & Forensic Odontology is being inserted in the BDS Course Regulation so that the students can broaden their knowledge and treat the patient appropriately.’

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