Healthcare Model of Sir Ganga Ram is the Best- J.P. Nadda

Union Government is studying this model to replicate in the country

Healthcare Model of Sir Ganga Ram is the Best- J.P. Nadda

New Delhi, April 14:  When it comes to best healthcare model in the country, there is no place for politics- it is invariably Sir Ganga Ram.

It is no surprise then that NDA’s incumbent Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda said the same thing in praise of this hospital that former Union Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad did during UPA rule.

There was a time when Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Vadra and Rahul Gandhi used to be the most favored patients of the hospital. Priyanka Vadra gave birth to her two children in here. However, this did not come in the way of J.P. Nadda going gaga over hospital’s quality.

Today while speaking on the occasion of 60th Founder’s day celebrations in the hospital, J.P. Nadda said in no uncertain terms that healthcare model of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is the only replicable model which should be emulated by other corporate, trust and government hospitals alike. He said, ‘Our ministry is also studying SGRH model.’

About one and half year ago, while speaking on the occasion of Founder’s oration lecture, the then Union Health Minister Gulam Nabi Azad too had dubbed Sir Ganga Ram Hospital the best hospital in the country and had wanted it to be emulated all over the country. He had also said that he got a lot of complaints about all other hospitals, government or corporate in Delhi and other parts of the country but he hardly ever met a complaint against Ganga Ram hospital.

It is rare that any private hospital gets such unalloyed praise about its quality in such explicit terms by health ministers or health officials.

Speaking on the occasion, Nadda said, ‘I feel that the healthcare model developed during the years by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is unique and perhaps the only model which can be replicated elsewhere for the benefit of our population. Our ministry is studying this model. I would urge SGRH authorities to adopt some big or small institutions and take this unique healthcare model to different parts of country.Your good practices and innovations should be multiplied elsewhere too. I urge you to join in PPP programs of the government.’

Nadda further said, ‘Most of the Trust run hospitals are in the names of good people and strong legacy. Some of them have lost their way and changed into profit making organizations. SGRH has continued with the good legacy of Sir Ganga Ram and is a role model for others to follow.’

Nadda added, ‘Sir Ganga Ram Hospital is a leading trust run   charitable hospital which is doing commendable work in providing quality health care to all sections of our society. I feel that there are two factors which make SGRH different from other private hospitals. One is the strong impetus given on teaching, training and research and secondly having a team approach in treatment of patients. Besides this, the unique SGRH model where rich patients subsidize the treatment of poor is also praise worthy. I find that SGRH faculty is excellent and that the standard of care is high. I urge you to develop further good protocols and carry forward new innovations and research.’

Reading the Annual Hospital Report ,  Dr D.S.Rana , Chairman , Board of Management , SGRH said , “ During the last financial year , 60,000 patients availed our  emergency  services . In addition to this, the hospital admitted 82,500 patients  in the  hospital , out of which  11,100 were from economically weaker sections of the society who were treated free of cost . About 30,000 surgeries were conducted during the year. Under our Field Outreach Program, our hospital treated 52,000 slum dwellers by sending doctors and medicines at their doorstep. We also had sent team of doctors and medicines during the flood calamity at Jammu & Kashmir.  The hospital spent about Rs 58.45 crores on various charitable activities during the last financial year which is 10 % more than the previous year.’

Elaborating about the unique working of SGRH , Dr Rana said , ‘We are very particular in selecting talented consultants in junior level . We also provide lively and vibrant environment for the growth of young consultants and these consultants attain eminence in their respective fields by the time they occupy senior positions. However, at the same time we continue lateral entry of eminent consultants from India and abroad.’

Speaking further Dr Rana said, ‘Unique doctor friendly and family atmosphere by the Board of Management consisting of eminent consultants provides the atmosphere of stability.  For good doctors at tertiary care hospital, apart from state of art infrastructure for delivery of health care, academics and research are also very important components. SGRH is well known in non-government sector for having excellence both in academics as well as research. I am proud to say that our hospital apart from producing talented faculty for its own use, is also a nursery for providing talented doctors for delivering health care services across the country.’

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Ashok Chandra, Chairman, Sir Ganga Ram Trust society raised the issue of service tax on doctors and clinicians. Replying on this Mr Nadda said, “I understand the concern expressed by doctors and will take up this matter with concerned ministry.’

Mr Nadda felicitated staff and doctors including Dr Chand Wattal , Chairman, Department of Microbiology, Dr Geeta Mehndiratta , Sr Consultant , Department of Obs. & Gynae , and Dr R.K.  Saharawi , Pediatric Neurologist for their excellent contribution in their respective fields .

 Dananjay Kumar

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