IMA Brandishes Power Wala Danda (PWD) on Gabbar

Doctors’ body slaps legal notice for painting the community dirty

IMA Brandishes Power Wala Danda (PWD) on Gabbar

New Delhi, May 14: Mandarins of IMA, country’s biggest trade union of allopath doctors, seem stringent regarding film ‘Gabbar is Back’ painting the community dirty, though a large section of doctors are prescribing otherwise.

A section of the IMA’s members fear that taking legal action against the maker may bring more muck on the community instead.

IMA too has brandished legal ‘Power Ka Danda’ (PWD) to take stakeholders of Akshya Kumar hit ‘Gabbar is Back’ for showing the community in a very bad light. Before this Amir Khan Satyamev Jayate had also shown the community utterly disparagingly dirty but erstwhile IMA officials had stopped short of slapping legal notice on Aamir Khan.

Talking to Meditoall editor in Chief Dhananjay Kumar, IMA’s feisty and gusty Secretary General Dr. K.K. Aggarwal said, ‘We have made up our mind to take recourse to legal action if they fail to respond satisfactorily to our notice.’ IMA has slapped legal notice against maker Sanjay Lila Bhansali and lead hero Akshya Kumar. Legal eagles are likely to argue on behalf of IMA in case proceedings started in the court.

‘Gabbar is Back’ is a recently released hit film in which Akshya Kumar brandishes a Danda christened as PWD (Power Wala Danda) to cleanse society of rampant corruption. In one of the scenes doctors have been shown resorting to abominable level for money. And Akshya flaunting Danda seems to have caught the imagination of the people.

On the other hand, a large section of IMA members prescribes ignoring the film and not resorting to legal action. It may in fact recoil on the community. In the wake legal proceedings, sadder and harsher commentaries on the community may emerge because very many black sheep are there to defame the profession. Legal action may open a can of worms instead.

IMA has sent a Legal Notice calling for removal of objectionable scenes from movie (Gabber is Back) released on 1st May 2015 and 5 crore rupees as compensation.

Prof. A. Marthanda Pillai, National President, Dr S.S. Aggarwal, National President-Elect and Dr. KK Aggarwal, Secretary General, IMA, in a joint statement said that in accordance with the Cinematograph Act, 1952 and other provisions of law, the Director, Producer and Actor are under the obligation and are responsible that no movie or scene of the movie would incite or likely to incite of commission of any offence.

The said movie scene shows doctors intentionally treating a dead patient to make money. The said intentional scene in the movie has not only lowered the dignity of the medical profession, but also has provoked the public at large against the noble profession of the doctors.

The legal notice says that the Producers, Directors and Actors in order to make money and create false sensations in the public, so that the movie becomes a hit, have caused immense loss to the reputation of the doctors.

The Medical Association has demanded to immediately remove the objectionable scene from the movie (Gabber is back).

IMA   has also sent a notice to the Central Board of Certification, Censor Board to ban the movie with immediate effect till objectionable scenes from the movie are removed. The Association has also called upon the addressees to tender written apology in National Newspapers to the doctors and pay Rs. 5 crore as compensation for damaging the image of the medical profession.

                                                                              Dhananjay Kumar

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