IMA Gives Clean Chit to Arrested Doctor in Chhattisgarh Surgery Tragedy

Drug used contained zinc Phosphide used to kill rats

IMA Gives Clean Chit to Arrested Doctor in Chhattisgarh Surgery Tragedy

New Delhi, November 17: Indian Medical Association has given clean chit to its senior member Dr. R.K. Gupta who has been arrested in Chattisgarh surgery tragedy in which 13 women died. The apex organization of about 2.5 lakh allopath in the country said today that Dr. Gupta, a veteran, has been framed for the faults of others.  IMA after preliminary investigation has found that the drug used contained zinc Phosphide which is used in killing rats.

IMA has demanded resignation of health minister of Chhattisgarh and punitive actions against the real culprit and release Dr. R.K. Gupta forth with. IMA has threatened a national bandh if their demaneds remain unmet.

In a press conference today, Dr. Narendra Saini, honorary General Secretary of IMA, stoutly contested the punitive action hoisted by the authorities of Chhatisgarh on innocent Dr.R.K.Gupta of Bilaspur, in the recent case related to unfortunate death of nearly 13 women after sterilization operations in Government Camps on the bases of a preliminary enquiry by the organization. To a question of meditoall, he said the drug used contained poison zinc Phosphide which is for killing rats.

He said, ‘  On scrutiny, we have observed that in the sterilization cases held at Sakari and Gaurela, from where the patient morbidity and mortalities have been reported, Ciprocin 500 of the same batch and prepared by the same company was used, whereas at the other camps, the same medicine of different batch nos. and date of manufacture was used. The Blood culture reports of the morbid and deceased patients in the above 2 camps have been found to be negative and the Pro calcitonin has also been reported to be negative, thereby proving that the unfortunate cases are that of Chemical Toxemia.’

Dr. Saini further said, ‘  Dr.R.K. Gupta is a very senior and experienced medical professional having more than 25 yrs of medical experience with more than 50,000 sterilisation procedures conducted. Moreover, the patients had been brought to the hospital within 24 hours of the sterilization operations after consuming this drug only in these 2 camps. The camps were conducted as a part of the Government programme where all the infrastructure, drug supplies and paramedical assistance was provided by the Government.

Dr. Saini said, ‘Even the suspension and arrest of a medical professional without a prima facie case against him / her without a proper medical enquiry, is grossly against the Judgement given by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in this regard. This should have been considered before the arrest and suspension of Dr.Gupta. Dr. Gupta was only  responsible for performing surgery. The pre and post surgical procedures and drug supplies and experienced paramedical assistance are the responsibilities of the hospital authorities. Any lapse on these stages only reflects on the lapses in the working of the authorities.

In the press conference IMA demanded:-

•   Instructions be given to the relevant authorities in Chhatisgarh to immediately release Dr.R.K.Gupta and revoke his suspension besides ordering proper Judicial investigation into the matter.

•   FIR against Dr.R.K.Gupta should be cancelled immediately and fresh FIRs should be registered against the Health Minister of Chhatisgarh, Owners and officials of the Pharmaceutical company involved, State Drug controller and inspectors concerned.

•   The Health Minister of Chhatisgarh should own up his responsibility in the matter and resign immediately.

IMA has already written letters to the Hon’ble Union Health Minister of India, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Chhatisgarh, Hon’ble Minister of Home Affairs, and Chhattisgarh State etc. in this regard.

A State Medical Bandh has been called by IMA in Chhattisgarh on Thursday, November 20, 2014 if our above demands are not met immediately. This shall be followed by a national Bandh, if needed. All Emergency medical services shall be exempt from this call for Bandh.

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