Rehearse Death as PM to be Immune to Stress

Yoga maestro Dr. H.R. Nagendra says stress is the biggest risk factor

Rehearse Death as PM to be Immune to Stress.

New Delhi, July 23: Stress, according to Yoga Maestro and PM Modi’s consultant Dr. H.R. Nagendra, is the biggest risk factor causing diseases and death today.

And add to it saying of R.K. Raghavan, former CBI director and an avid follower of Dr. Nagendra, that stress of probing Rajiv Gandhi assassination case made him  a diabetic.

And, how to cope with it? So simple, again according to the maestro- Pose daily as corpse, you call ‘Shavashana’ in Yoga lexicon.

In an exclusive interview to Meditoall editor, Dhananjay Kumar during his recent visit to Delhi to evaluate the progress of his ‘Stop Diabetes Movement’, the NASA to Vyasa fame Dr. Nagendra stressed the need to first and must learn to offset the dire health consequences of stress by a simple yogic procedure called ‘Shavashana’, the asana in which you discover and experience live the pleasure of being dead.

Mr. Raghavan also was one of the key speakers with Dr. Nagendra in Stop Diabetes function in which he related the consequences of stress on himself.

In the light of this, one can be sure PM Narendra Modi, must be daily ‘rehearsing death’ to take the massive stress of ruling the country as big as India and leaving no stone unturned to keep the promises he has made. PM Modi’s ability to nullify stress, that might be accruing to him due to his long working hours, starting daily at 6.30am till just before the dead of the night, is legendary. Despite parliament rehearsing death of a different kind, Modi is reaching the house at 10.45 sharp. And of course, he never skips Yoga regimen.

In fact, given the kind of reverence that permeates the power corridors in Lutyens Delhi for Dr. Nagendra, many ministers of PM Modi cabinet, religiously go through the diurnal drill of feeling ‘dead’.

And it is not for nothing that Dr. H.R. Nagendra’s Prashant Kutirum as campus of his sVyasa (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhan Samsthan) in Bangalore is famously called is toasted globally. It is the frequent haunt of Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda.

Prashant Kutirum’s indigenous techniques QRT (Quick Relaxation Technique) and DRT (Deep Relaxation Technique) are hot cakes globally.


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