Apollo embraced stranded Chennai patients

Facebook served as ‘bridge’ between patients and Apollo

Apollo embraced stranded Chennai patients

New Delhi, December 8: Chennai deluge offered to Apollo, corporate hospitals chain, a lifetime opportunity to show its ample human side. And it grabbed it instantly and went gung ho into the troubled water to embrace stranded patients.

Critical patients including children had to be evacuated from many hospitals due to constintently rising water level. But Apollo came to their recue in time and tended them. The hospital created a make shift bridge to make their access easy. But Facebook also acted as a bridge between Apollo and stranded patients. Apollo received 12 pregnant women who reached out to the Apollo team via Facebook. It harnessed boats to ferry ICU patients from evacuated hospitals.

Apollo built a Quick Response Team to cater to worst-affected areas and high priority patients. It set in place a mechanism to attend to diabetics, babies and patients with critical needs on priority. Apollo Specialty Cancer Hospital at Teynampet was fully functional and is providing comprehensive care to cancer patients.

Apollo Hospitals mobilized its staff across medical, engineering, IT and support divisions to ensure it caters to patients in Chennai. The doctors, nurses and medical staff at Apollo Hospitals Old Mahabalipuram Road, Vanagaram, and Greams Road have been working relentlessly to provide medical aid to those left stranded by the deluge.

The hospital chain started a helpline service on their social media pages and the Apollo team provided information on therein. Battling destruction and inundation, the team has been dispatching boats to transport ICU patients and has also been providing free ambulance services to those in need.

As the threat of the floods still loomed large, on ground staff at Apollo pharmacy managed to keep more than 100 outlets functioning. The pharmacies have dispatched essential drugs for diabetics as well as baby food free of cost. With scarcity of food and water, the team has managed to distribute free food to more than 1000 people.

The engineering and housekeeping staff at Apollo hospitals, Greams Road built a make shift bridge to provide easy access for patients coming in. The entire Apollo team stands united to ensure that the best medical care is being provided to the citizens of Chennai as they grapple to deal with the worst deluge to strike the city in 100 years.

Feedback to www.meditoall.com from ground zero confirms that Apollo acquitted itself excellently in Chennai’s crisis time. It is going to substantially enhance the prestige of the hospital chain in Tamil Nadu. The hospital chain can well say with head held high that it stood with Chennai.

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