Smartphone is that Slim and Smart does

This app inspires you to kick start your weight loss efforts

Smartphone is that Slim and Smart does

New Delhi, April 13: What if your nth resolution to be slim and smart has come to naught, this last chance looks like worth giving.

A new Smartphone app may really launch your era of slimness and smartness.

If it really does, the credo would be- Smartphone is that smart does.

You may rightly wonder what an app can do to cut on your fats that have made you unshapely.  In fact, the app ‘inspires’ you to kick start your efforts to shed weight in right earnest by dangling in front of you the slim and smart image of yours that you might achieve after losing weight. You need not intervene in your work out schedule at all.

The app is named ‘Visualize You’ which has been designed to motivate for weight loss by processing your portrait –style photograph and generating an image of what you would look like after shedding 10kg. You almost fall in love with your customized image, low on fat and high on smartness.

According to designers the app uses proprietary algorithms based on ‘clinically verified weight change dynamics’ to generate the image.

As opposed to similar apps that basically stretch and pinch photos, Visualize You create images determined by the precise amount of weight you hope to shed.

It is simple to use this app: Take a portrait-style picture of yourself, or grab one from your photo library, and drop it into the app along with your height, weight and desired target weight. The app crunches the numbers and pops out an image of a slimmer you.

You can also set the app to go the other way, generating an image based on a heavier target weight. A series of exercise and diet guides is also included. ‘Visualize You’ is an attempt at sparking motivation via technology.

The maker, Visual Health Solutions, has developed it in partnership with Cleveland Clinic and the University of Colorado. It costs two dollars and is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

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