Try These Fail-Proof Detox Tips That Will Help You Bounce Back Healthy Post All The Festive Revelry


© topinspired Here Come Our Fail-Proof Detox Tips For Those Of You Who Binged A Wee Bit Much

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Ah, Diwali. The festival of lights, or should we say, the festival of sweets? While you may have spent a lot of time bonding with family and close friends, you probably spent even more time eating. And if you’re anything like us, the past five days have left you feeling bloated, heavy and pretty unhealthy. Here are a few suggestions to detox over the next week or two and make up for all that bingeing.

1. Smelly breath might be worth it


© healthyfoodhouse Smelly breath might be worth it

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Garlic boosts the immune system and is a great flavor in most Indian dishes. Garlic also clears up the liver. Consciously increase your garlic intake for the next week or so, with garlic butter spaghetti (recipe below), dals with a lot of garlic, or even a veggie stir fry with more than usual garlic.

2. Grab that cabbage


© the kitchen witch blog Grab that cabbage

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Cabbage cleans out your liver and lowers cholesterol. It also helps you expel toxins. Work a light, Indian cabbage preparation into your meals this week. You can also substitute your dinners with the GM Wonder Soup, even if you don’t have the guts to do the whole diet.

3. Drink lots of green tea


© zibble Drink lots of green tea

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Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants, which help kill damaged cells called free radicals and prevent them from damaging other cells. Drink two or three cups every day. Try Jasmine Green Tea for a wonderful floral flavor.

4. Eat fibre-rich food


© freshstop Eat fibre-rich food

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As you know, eating fibre helps your body digest food better, and that means saying goodbye to that heavy, so-full-I-can’t-move feeling. Make sure you get a lot of natural fibre in your system via pulses and legumes, peas, broccoli, and fruits like oranges, apples (with the skin) and pears.

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