Turf war may escalate among Weight Loss-Slimming Claimants

Bariatric surgery is fast eating into non-surgical centers’ business  

Turf war may escalate among Weight Loss-Slimming Claimants

New Delhi, August 3: Bariatric surgery, with its precipitate weight loss outcome, is heavily denting the turf of non surgical slimming claimants. Increasing acceptance of bariatric surgery as the first line slimming solution has even iconic slimming center VLCC gasping for clientele.

A bariatric support group get-together organized by Team Bariatric and Fortis C-DOC on August 1 (Saturday) gave a premonition of escalation of turf war among slimming claimants. Non-surgical slimming centers are losing fast their turf to bariatric surgery. The get together evidenced that bariatric surgery has no more remained confined to morbidly obese people with gigantic BMI of 40, weight reaching even 150, 200 and counting.

Get together in Shervani Inn presented Aparna, a young glam society lady, who got under bariatric knife, almost for aesthetic trimming. She was 96 without any medical condition except for upped cholesterol and is so happy to have her burden reduced to 73 in just a few months of surgery. She could have also achieved this by non surgical method. Guneet, a petite girl with 98 kg weight earlier, is now experiencing precipitate weight loss of 44 kg in a few months of bariatric surgery. She got her thyroid treated into the bargain. She did not heed to her contrarian parents’ advice and went for the slimming surgery.

Dr. Atul.N. Peters, Fortis’ head bariatric surgeon, having enviable stocky build, almost sang a swan song of non-surgical slimming protocol. Naming a famed slimming center, he grinned saying the centre is after some of his slimmed clientele for their pictures and endorsement that they have unburdened in the said centre. With Dr. Peters side kicks like singing and playing a number of musical instruments and winsome witty persona, he is slowly but surely becoming toast among high society weight loss seekers.

This has apparently gotten the goat of non-surgical slimming claimants. Slimming prima donna Vandana Luthra, the founder of VLCC, non –surgical slimming centre, is already being quoted as saying that bariatric surgery is killing people, though evidences clearly do not corroborate her stance.

Bariatric team surgeons said that due to Yo Yo phenomenon (losing weight and then gaining again) all weigh loss seeker finally land the bariatric surgery. The new trend is slim-seekers are not wasting time in other procedures and accepting bariatric surgery as first line of weight loss treatment. The speed with which the slimming takes place is becoming bariatric surgery’s USP.

Patients who have undergone the procedure meet regularly and exchange notes on their progress regarding weight loss and general health status. Team Bariatric consisting of Dr. Atul N C Peters, Dr Yogesh Gautam, Dr Imtiaz, Dr Shalabh, Dr Anu, Dr Amoha (nutritionist, Purva (nutritionist), Nalini and Sister Shailaja, engaged all those present with enlivening and informative interaction and played a fun quiz. Dr. Annop Mishra, a dialectologist extraordinaire and chairman of Fortis C-Doc, spoke about the many off label benefits of the surgery.

Team Bariatric awarded momentos to the patients who have maintained and achieved maximum control on their health.

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