What breakfast looks like around the world

From the pancakes and bacon of America to the bowls of chicken and rice in China, what you might eat for breakfast varies hugely depending on where you’re from. Here’s a look at what you’ll find on breakfast plates around the world.

Indian breakfasts vary depending on the region you’re in, from poha (flattened rice) to idlis made of oats to a vegetable dish called misal. However, a tray offering different chutneys and breads such as roti and parathas are often found amongst the other options.

American breakfasts include delicious, thick pancakes that are fried in butter until they’re browned and fluffy, topped with syrup and sometimes berries. If this isn’t enough to feed your morning appetite, there’s always the option of adding some American bacon and fried eggs.

Get into the Canadian culture with a full Lumberjack breakfast which includes pancakes or waffles smothered in authentic maple syrup and butter, breakfast sausages, Canadian bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns.

Breakfast in China is pretty similar to the rest of the meals enjoyed throughout the day as it also includes a mixture of noodles or rice, accompanied by beef or chicken covered in rich sticky sauce and fried vegetables like bok choy.

Tofu is a staple in authentic Japanese breakfasts. Paired with fish and rice and soaked in soy sauce, it’s a super salty but tasty meal.

As stereotypical as you may think it is, Aussies love their Vegemite (a paste made from yeast extract) on toast for brekkie, but to shake things up they sometimes swap the spread for avocado.

New Zealanders prefer a simpler breakfast for the most part, with a particular favorite being Weet-Bix (wholegrain biscuits) and milk.

If you’re in Brazil, you’ll find their breakfasts include a smorgasbord of different meats, cheeses and fresh bread.

Colombian breakfast meals are often a mixture of last night’s dinner – but if that’s all already been eaten, soups or cereals are also a common choice.

The English love their full English ‘fry-up’ complete with bacon rashers, sausages, fried egg, fried tomato and mushrooms, baked beans, toast and black pudding (blood sausage).

France tends to stick to the bakery when it comes to breakfast. They pass on the heavy options like bacon or eggs and grab a pastry like a croissant or fresh baked bread with butter with a coffee instead.

Rye or sweet breads topped with butter, quark cheese and jam are a favorite of Germans. They also add a variety of cold meats and cheeses for a bigger meal..

Unfortunately, churros dipped in chocolate aren’t an everyday breakfast staple in Spain. Instead, many Spaniards enjoy fresh bread with garlic and ripened tomato spread over it with olive oil and salt for taste.

South Africa keeps it simple with a bowl of hot porridge mixed with milk.

Typical Swedish breakfasts are open-faced sandwiches with layers of fish or cold meats, cheese, a dollop of mayonnaise, onion, cucumbers, tomato and lettuce.

In Wales, particularly at the weekend, you can expect to be treated to rarebit which is basically a fancy version of cheese on toast that includes beaten eggs, stout and wholegrain mustard. Or their version of the fried breakfast includes laverbread, seaweed rolled in oatmeal and fried as patties.

Rye bread with cheeses, cold meats, boiled egg and a small bowl of muesli is popular for breakfast in Denmark.

If your idea of a great breakfast includes a variety of fresh fruits, you’ll love a Filipino breakfast. They also include eggs fried with special spices and mini sausages.

Russians enjoy small pancake-like pastries called oladi with sour cream, honey, jam and fruits for breakfast.

Traditionally, the Polish enjoy a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs, kielbasa sausage, potato pancakes and fresh vegetables.

Cubans keep breakfast simple with grilled bread with butter, or tostada, that is dunked into their café con leche (coffee with milk).

Traveling to Turkey? For breakfast you can expect platters of cheese, olives, eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers and spiced meats.

Costa Rican breakfast fare isn’t complete without gallo pinto which is a meal consisting of rice and black beans, sour cream, salsa and a tortilla made from corn. Sometimes avocado or cold meat is added to the dish.

In the Dominican Republic, mangu is a popular breakfast fare. It’s a dish made of boiled plantains that have been mashed with butter, salami, cheese and egg mixed in.

If you like meat, veggies and cheese then you’ll love a traditional Venezuelan breakfast as it includes all of these things. Arepas, baked patties made of ground maize or corn flour, that are served with cheese, meat and vegetables are particularly popular.

Like China, Korea enjoys a breakfast that’s similar to the other meals they have throughout the day. Kimchi, vegetable soup and a bowl of fresh chopped steamed vegetables topped with an egg sunny-side up is typical.

Whether you’re feeling for a sweet or salty breakfast option, you’ll be able to take your pick with a traditional Belizean breakfast of fry jacks (small deep-fried dough pieces) topped with beans and eggs or jam and honey.

Peruvians opt for heavier breakfast with adobo being a really popular traditional choice. Adobo is a pork stew dressed with spices like cumin and other ingredients like garlic, onions pepper and a fermented corn drink called chichi de jora.

In some parts of the world a Mexican breakfast would be considered a dinner. That’s because the hearty meal is typically a plate full of beef tips, nachos, cheese, beans and chilaquiles which is fried tortillas simmered with salsa and mole. Or there’s huevos rancheros, where eggs are the stars of the show.

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