Your Brain can keep Bad Fat ‘Down Under’

Your Brain can keep Bad Fat ‘Down Under’

New Delhi, January 16: A new insight into body fat regulatory mechanism of the brain can lead to more effective ways of losing weight and converting bad fat into good fat as well.

A study by Australian researchers has discovered brain’s fat manipulating capacity and may go a long way in the management of obesity. The study has been published in the journal named Cell. Certain brain signals couple with two naturally produced hormones to transform bad white fat into good brown fat.

A team of researchers belonging to Monash University has cracked the code of a molecular mechanism that leverage on the multiplied action of two hormones named Leptin and Insulin. Leptin is produced in the fat cells and works as an appetite suppressant and pancreas generates insulin. The results of the study show that these two hormones in tandem with certain group of neurons in the brain triggers body fat burning.

Leptin acts as a fat marker. The more the Leptin produced, the more the body fat. Leptin and Insulin together brief brain about the true state of obesity. Insulin gives a marker of future fat reserves as glucose levels is raised after eating. With help of these two hormones, the brain sends signals that promote conversion of white fat into brown fat.

Scientists have said the study can be leveraged to better management of weight and may prove watershed research in helping weight loss.

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