10 healthy foods that can backfire

So you have cut down your favorite cookies and stop indulging in burgers and pizzas? You are serious about losing weight and have list down all the possible “healthy food” that cut down calories. But hold that thought for a while. Do you know that over-indulgence in certain nutritious foods could be just as dangerous and can lead to weight gain? We list you 10 foods that could lead to serious weight gain if you eat them too much. However, you need not fret. There is no need to ditch these foods altogether, however consume in moderation.

1) Oranges: The number one is the list is oranges. You’ve got to be careful to not overindulge with these delicious but highly acidic summer staples. The increased acid intake associated with eating too many oranges can lead to reflux. Stick to no more than two servings of oranges a day and avoiding these foods altogether if you already have symptoms of reflux.

2) Tomatoes: The Indian kitchen is incomplete without tomatoes! No wonder a rise in the price of tomatoes sends us into a tizzy! An integral part of the Indian cuisine, tomatoes offer color, flavor, and a number of health benefits! Whether you consume it raw or cooked form, you will always get lots of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers and antioxidants from it. But there are some potential pitfalls too! Yes, tomatoes can lead to several side effects! The major element found in fresh raw tomato is the carotenoid pigment ‘lycopene’. It is a chemical compound that is supposed to keep cancer at bay. But excessive intake of this phytochemical can interfere with the regular activities of our immune system and slow it down. As a result, our body loses its ability to protect itself from several common microbial (bacterial, fungal and viral) diseases. At the same time it also becomes incapable of repairing the existing physical damages.

3) Water: Since our childhood, we have been told to drink water as much as possible. But do you know that too much water has its side effect too. While hydration is key to good health, excessive water consumption can cause water intoxication. This happens when extreme water intake dilutes the sodium in the body, resulting in an abnormally low blood sodium level. This in turn can lead to impaired brain function and even death. To make sure you’re not consuming too much water, check your urine: If it’s always transparent, reduce your intake.

4) Canned Tuna: This easy-to-prep, low-cal fish is a healthy salad or sandwich go-to. However, eating too much of it can result in dangerous mercury levels since tuna is higher in mercury than many other fish. Excessive mercury intake can lead to vision problems, impaired hearing and speech, lack of coordination, and muscle weakness. Make sure you don’t consume more than three to five cans of tuna a week

5) Tofu: Tofu lover, beware! While tofu is considered a very healthy option to put in your diet regime, as it can lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure when consumed in moderation. Yet, excessive intake of Tofu can cause iron-deficiency and eventually lead to anemia.

6) Spinach: Yes, we all know that spinach should be an integral part of our diet as this leafy green is packed with an excellent source of protein, fiber, and vitamins. Spinach is also high in lutein, a carotenoid that may help prevent age-related macular degeneration (a common cause of vision loss and blindness). On the other side, spinach is also high in oxalate, a compound that can lead to the formation of kidney stones—so patients with calcium oxalate kidney stones should avoid overdoing it with this veggie.

7) Lean animal protein: If you primarily rely on low-fat meats like chicken breasts or egg whites for your daily dose of protein, it might be time for a diet makeover. Consuming too many animal proteins can be dangerous since it makes your body produce the hormone insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), which promotes aging and increases your risk of cancer.

8) Almonds: Almonds are at the top of the nutritious-snack-foods list. They’re packed with protein and fiber, and can help lower your cholesterol. Nevertheless, if consumed in excess, almonds can lead to serious weight gain as it is packed with over 80% fat.

9) Green tea: Green tea is known for its laundry list of health benefits, such as potential weight loss and the prevention of many diseases. But do you know that if you’re drinking more than five cups of green tea per day the high dose of caffeine not only will keep you up all night but can also reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron from food.

10) Olive Oil: Indian households are shifting from mustard oil and vegetable oil to olive oil which according to nutritionists is “good fat”. Yet, keep the use to minimum as olive oil has consumption of too much olive oil can punch in a lot of calories.  A word of advice: Instead of pouring the oil into the pan by sight — which could add several hundred calories to what’s cooking — use your measuring spoons per portion.

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