3 Major Causes of Back Pain

Back is very important part and when you get back pain it hamper your life a lot .Back Pain is very common now a days and its common due to very common cause, yes very common and can be eliminated to get ridden of it . Generally patients come to clinic when there pain is unbearable and when they get advice to see a physiotherapist ,if anyone see physiotherapist early can prevent major backache issues . Get back to topic i was talking about the major causes :

1.Lack of exercise in routine : what people do they start walk when they get pain this is itself a big cause . Start walk before pain arise and don’t think walk is the best exercise and save you from pain , your body need stretching too , in today’s life style in which we have long sitting hours , stretching is must. Hamstring muscle tightness is one of the major cause of backache , muscle imbalance due to weakness of few muscles and tightness some.

2. Lack Nutrition :Nutrition is very crucial , in back pain patients most commonly found deficiencies are : Vitamin D , Calcium , Zinc, Magnesium , and protein . Due to the Pollution and use of chemicals in crop there is gradual loss of nutrients from vegetables and fruits that makes us deficit in nutrition even after taking good meals . Early degeneration and osteoarthritis changes are found and very important cause of pain and this is all because of lack of nutrition.

3. Lifestyle :Backache is one of the common lifestyle disorder , lifestyle correction is utmost important to get ridden of backache . understand the real cause and work on it , take proper rest and sleep , do workout , avid smoking , alcohol , aerated drinks.

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