Here are Fruits that ‘drench’ you cool in summer

Here are Fruits that ‘drench’ you cool in summer

New Delhi, May 2: Shake off fear of tremors that might have gripped you. And brace up for the summer that stares you.

The key to braving summer is keeping body water replenished. Dehydration may kill too. Simple potable water and fruits could be your two tools to cope with your summer blues.

There are some fruits, if you add to your meal, can keep water replenished in your body.

List of body drenching fruits:


Watermelon is a veritable reservoir of water to keep body drenched. When we plan to keep dehydration at bay, the name Watermelon pops up first, and rightly so. Into the bargain, there is lycopene in it, which has properties that save skin from sun burn.


Palm is again a water reservoir, even more than water melon. If it is available, go drench yourself without a second thought. It is not for nothing that palm is used make coolers for summer.


In addition to its cooling effect and hydrating properties, it is also packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Potassium. If you take Kiwi, you need not take orange for Vitamin C. Kiwi is rich in fibre too. 


A Vitamin C packed fruit; oranges have enough watery content to replenish your body during summer. Its Vitamin C and Potassium coupled with other nutrients, Oranges help mitigating muscle pains and cramps that might summer might cause you.

Peaches are also a potent hydrating fruit which also contains a good amount of Vitamin A and C. They are known for being a good source of antioxidants and fibre.

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