Debunk all Monsoon Myths and Be Glad that the Rain is here

  • Getting drenched in the rain does not lead to cold and flu.
  • Eating curd during monsoon does not harm your health.
  • Having fish in monsoon is absolutely safe.
  • Taking cold water shower is not necessary after getting drenched.
Monsoon brings respite from the scorching heat. While it rains cats and dogs outside, you can celebrate the weather with some hot tea or coffee. Many of us just cannot resist getting wet in the rain, especially when the kids.

But, this sudden change in the climate from dry to wet reduces the immunity of the body making you vulnerable to diseases. As a consequence, there are many myths that sprout. So, here is a myth buster guide that will help you enjoy the monsoon to the fullest without any worries.

Myth 1: Getting Wet in the Rain can cause Cold and Flu

This must have happened with you a couple of times but, this isn’t entirely true. It is not getting wet in rain that leads to cold and flu but, the exposure to cold virus in the slush and mud formed during rains. There are over 100 viruses that can cause cold and such viruses can stay alive in the slush for weeks. Besides this, it has been suggested that spending extended hours in water can drop the body temperature, weakening the immune system and making you more vulnerable to the cold virus.

Myth 2: Don’t Eat Curd in Monsoon

This myth originates from the fact that curd is cool in nature. So, it is believed that foods that are warm must be eaten during monsoons. However, eating curd in any season can never prove to be harmful for your health. It has a major role to play in improving your digestive system, absorbing nutrients, and increasing immunity. Many people suffer from diarrhea or food poisoning in this season and it is this curd that finally comes to rescue.

Myth 3: Avoid Eating Fish in Monsoon, it gets Contaminated

For all you sea-food lovers this is going to come as a relief. Long gone are those days when fish was banned during monsoons due to contamination in some areas. But, now you can have your favourite fish curry whenever you want to and it is absolutely safe and clean.

Myth 4: You Must Take a Cold Shower after Getting Drenched in Rain to Avoid Fever

It is not always necessary to take a cold shower after getting wet in rain. Don’t forget that the primary reason behind taking a shower is to get rid of all the dirt that sticks on your body while you get wet in the rain. So, the temperature of the water doesn’t really matter.

Bust all your myths to celebrate the season.

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