Deepak Chopra Will Set the Tone for Healthy India

Deepak Chopra Will Set the Tone for Healthy India

New Delhi, 20 September: Globally renowned modern health guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra will deliver lecture on 26 September in Delhi on the theme ‘Future of Well Being’ at Talkatora Stadium. The iconic public speaker on health will set the tone for paradigm shift in health delivery that is all set to happen under new central government. Deepak Chopra claims that his wellness practices can extend the human longevity  and help greatly in treating chronic disease.

Under the new central government, the future of well being in India is in cusp of a change. PM Narendra Modi and union health minister Dr.

Harsh Vardhan, both are for combing alternative medicines with the mainstream medicine for holistic health. An allopath doctor by training,

Dr. Chopra has been advocating just that for years in America. He is said to be enthused that his health vision has now found a fertile ground in his native country.

The NRI wellness icon, who claims to have Bill Clinton, former President of USA and his likes as his clientele, has been getting avid listeners in America. His speech in India at the same venue about two decades ago was marked by traffic snarls and logjam. This time every person across the globe will able to be part of this lecture through a live webcast on website

Deepak Chopra (64) is an Indian-American author, public speaker and physician. He has been a prominent alternative medicine advocate and authored a number of best seller wellness books. Though had to face opposition to his idea of health, yet he has earned massive wealth propagating his brand of wellness principles. He has made an indelible mark in holistic-health movement that is set to get a great push under

Narendra Modi government. Chopra is of the view that blending of Ayurveda principles with mainstream medicine can do wonders in making people healthy. His wellness principles advocate mind-body relationship and belief in the primacy consciousness over matter.

Like him, the incumbent union health minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan is also a great proponent of alternative medicine, especially Ayurved and

homeopathy, despite being an allopath. Just after he became Union Health minister, he said in a reception held for him in AIIMS, the

sanctum sanctorum of modern medicine, that Ayurved is a very effective medicine, sometimes even better than modern medicine. He made

it plain and simple that PM Narendra Modi is for holistic medicine which entails combing modern medicine with AYUSH ( Ayurved,

Yoga&Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and homeopathy). AYUSH is going to get a great push under new rule.

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