Delhi may be Spared of Dreaded Dengue This Fall

Delhi may be Spared of Dreaded Dengue This Fall

New Delhi, 19 September: Monsoon brings much relief from the sultry heat in Delhi but it is a word of fear too. With showers, also arrive scare of Dengue. But thankfully, perhaps not this fall. Experts feel dengue may have spared Delhi this time. Till this time in September the previous year, number of people inflicted by Dengue virus was 466 but this time it is only 55.

Medical Health Officer MCD, Dr. N.K. Yadav’s eaming face said it all. He said to Meditoall, ‘Thankfully, most probably, dengue has spared the city this fall. Dengue counts amply suggest this. Maybe it is because of scant monsoon but civic authorities’ active programs have also paid off.

Our aim is to make Delhi free from dengue scourge’. Civic authorities of National capital have been through harrowing times trying to stem the spread of dengue for many years running. They are also taking a sigh of relief at the development. With the onset of monsoon every year the dread of dengue would start invariably. The fact that even doctors of AIIMS and famous Bollywood film director Yash Chopra were felled who had all the facilities for treatment has escalated the dengue scare.

But this is bad news for those blood banks and nursing homes that every year made a ‘killing’ through selling platelets. As dengue spreads, there is unnecessary scramble for platelets. Even relatives of patients insist on platelet transfusion. In fact, Experts say platelets are not the treatment for Dengue at all. Dr. K.K Aggarwal, who has been sensitizing people during Health Mela every year for preventing breeding of mosquitoes, said, ‘Of course, in dengue patients’ platelet counts deplete but there is no need to panic till it even plummets to 10 thousand. Yes, body must be replenished with water during dengue fever. Liquid feed help much. Dehydration may precipitate sudden fall in blood pressure and can be fatal too. One must be more cautious when fever is receding because that is where the risk of sudden fall in blood pressure may occur.’

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