How to peel an onion in 8 seconds

Sometimes it’s the little kitchen tasks that are the most tiresome. Tedious kitchen jobs like peeling carrots, separating eggs, and peeling onions try our patience. It doesn’t help that onions are an essential flavour-boosting ingredient in most of our favourite dishes. Red onion adds heat to flavourful carnitas tacos, sweet Vidalia onions provide balance to acidic Bolognese, and spring onions deliver a crunchy bite to Greek salads. Unfortunately, the papery onion skin always slips through our fingers, making this menial task take much too long.

Instead of fighting with the inedible skin, pulling and clawing until the onion is finally peeled, slice the onion right down the middle vertically at the root. After that, the skin should peel off easily.  For under-ripe onions whose skin still stubbornly clings to the vegetable, warm slightly against a hot pan. The heat helps to loosen the skin, making peeling a snap. With this simple trick, kitchen harmony has been restored.

Once your onion is peeled, you can resume cooking your regularly scheduled recipe.

© Shutterstock/Irina Mos

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