Hubris proved Maggi’s undoing

Maggi may be more sinned against than sinning on contamination

Hubris proved Maggi’s undoing

New Delhi, June 9: In this hour of great crisis, ‘Ma’ in Maggi noodle has assumed a connotative edge. It is being equated with I (ego) of its maker Nestle.

Insider view is that hubris proved Maggi’s undoing. They say it is not as much the lead as the amount of Ma (ego) in its maker that went way beyond the permissible limit and brought about popular snack’s ignominious fall.

In this age of universal contamination of food, water and air, Maggi noodle may easily have been able to get away with its safety misdemeanor but the overbearing attitude of Nestle mandarins had lowered its ‘immunity’ level to the minimum.

Complacency and hubris though is said to have been prevalent in the whole of the company, for India debacle a ‘Bengali’ Medical Director of Nestle India is being identified as the villain of the piece. Sources close to insides of the company said this ‘Bengali Babu’ behaved extremely shabbily with the people of content writing and corporate communication agencies. He would give them bashing on regular basis. The company took them for granted.

They would not give damn to media and never thought it necessary to answer their queries. The only work assigned to its corporate communication arm was to keep media at bay.  Success had dented their mind so deep that they thought themselves indestructible.

Nestle mandarins would often be on leave and sloth was palpable all over. Though Big B who endorsed it, is attributed with geniality, ‘Maggi B’ was inflicted with arrogance’ what with its popularity going through the roof by the day.

After ignominious fall, a soul searching is on in the company. Sources say mandarins are being given a dressing down and their leave all have been cancelled. The company is in overdrive to stem the damage but woes are escalating by the day.

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