PM Modi Appealed Ayurvedic Doctors to Shun Allopath n Revert Back to Pure Ayurveda

PM Modi Appealed Ayurvedic Doctors to Shun Allopath n Revert Back to Pure Ayurveda

New Delhi, November 9: Prime Minister Narendra Modi voiced serious concern over Ayurvedic doctors practicing allopath. He said such ayurvedic doctors constitute the biggest challenge to propagation of Ayurveda.

He was speaking at the valedictory function of the three day 6th World Ayurveda Congress in Pragati Maidan which concluded on October 9. He appealed to all ayurveda and traditional medicine practitioners to shun the temptation of using allopathic medicines and revert back to pure Ayurveda. He assured that the central government will give every support to projects, policies and action plans developed by the WAC to strengthen Ayurveda.

Modi made a fervent plea to them to overcome their crisis of confidence by showing total faith in their knowledge. He said they needed to have 100% confidence in Ayurveda

‘The biggest challenge for Ayurveda today is posed by the people associated with it. It is hard to find physicians who are 100% committed to Ayurveda; unless the practitioners believe in it fully they cannot convince patients,” he said.

The Prime Minister said the second major challenge was translating Ayurveda into a language that the world understands. “We need a movement to be initiated by physicians, students and teachers to gain global acceptance for Ayurveda. If we can procure at least 10-20% of space in international medical journals for research into Ayurveda, it will attract the attention of the global science community,” he said.

He urged young people learning or practicing Ayurveda to not be discouraged or lose hope by the challenges in propagating the system. “A few decades ago Yoga was popular only among a few scattered health conscious people; today it is the primary means for rejuvenation and  managing stress even in large corporate companies internationally. Ayurveda will gain the same recognition over time.’

‘Ayurveda and Health Challenges’ was the focal theme of the WAC organized from November 7 to 9, by the Department of AYUSH, Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, in collaboration with the World Ayurveda Foundation (WAF) and the Delhi government. More than 4,000 delegates, including 200 foreign participants from 36 countries attended the WAC, which hosted five plenary sessions, 25 technical presentations, an international delegate assembly and a number of associated events.

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