JP Nadda almost lives on Water and Air

Union Health Minister unveils his unique healthy life style to Meditoall

JP Nadda almost lives on Water and Air

New Delhi, June 6: Until well past three, when I entered his chamber, he had had only 4-5 bouts of sundry soup to satiate his well tamed hunger.

Pink of Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda’s health instantly captivates you, what with face exuding unspoiled freshness frescoed with ever winning smile.

One is inevitably left wondering of what ‘chakki ka atta (stone mill flour)’ he might be eating. You will be pleasantly ‘shocked’ to know he has had hardly any grain for over two years now.

Self professedly, Mr. Nadda is a politician who is health conscious to a fault. Last week, he unveiled his life style, a bit quixotic, to Meditoall editor, Dhananjay Kumar which amounted to as good as saying he almost lives on water and air.

Minimalist as he his in feeding himself, he subsists on soup only till late in the day – of spinach (palak), tomato, pulse etc. In the evening, he takes tea with sheer slice of bread. He feeds himself on vegetables only- of course of green variety- in the night. You can count his calories on your finger tips.

Of course, Yoga constitutes the staple in his quest of healthy life.

His healthy life philosophy is elemental. It hinges on twin components – water and air. He says, ‘feed last of your body cells with ample water and air to keep rogue cells from playing havoc with your healthy cells. Deep breath is an instant tonic. Feeling fatigue?  –take a few deep breath and you will be as fresh as a daisy. You are feeling uneasy- take a few deep breaths (20 times will be enough) to calm your frayed self.’

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