Revered by Health Writers, She Proved Medical Science Wrong

Heart Care Foundation announced oration and award in her memory   

Revered by Health Writers, She Proved Medical Science Wrong

New Delhi, December 9:  She ‘cheated’ fatal brain tumor and also her near and dear ones by pretending she was not aware that she was suffering from cancer.

‘Heart’ and ‘Foundation’ both of Heart Care Foundation of India, Abhita Khanna, wife of renowned former cricketer Surinder Khanna, should have left this world ‘medically speaking’  6-7-8 years ago. But she was such a treasure trove of positivity and sunshine that she proved medical science wrong.

When she was diagnosed with fatal brain tumor in 2005, doctors according to Dr. K.K. Aggarwal gave her utmost 3 years. It was unthinkable in medical science that someone with that deadly ailment should live for 9 long years, that too doing her chores with gusto. She was not told about what disease she was suffering from all these years thinking she would be traumatized and she, despite going through radiation and chemotherapy sessions, blithely pretended she did not know what she was suffering from. Serenity never deserted her face, even when death was so perilously close.

As Communications Director, Abhita Khanna had become inseparably bound up together with Heart Care Foundation of India. Health writers held deeply religious Abhita Khanna in high reverence. Her departure this month for heavenly abode left health writers as much aggrieved as her own family members.

Heart Care Foundation of India, a leading national not for profit organization aimed at creating health awareness amongst the masses today (December 9) announced an oration on excellence in sports and health journalism in her fond memory. Speaking on the occasion, Padma Shree Dr. KK Aggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation of India, said, ‘Mrs. Abhita Khanna was associated with HCFI since over 20 years. She played an instrumental role in helping build the NGO to the level it is at today and her enthusiasm, dedication and will to always make a difference in everyone’s lives will greatly be missed. We hope that through this oration, we can help honor the field she worked with most closely and thereby keep her alive amongst all of us.’

Surinder Khanna remembered her as a warm, loving and large hearted woman who brought a smile on the face of everybody she interacted with. With his voiced choked with emotions, he said, ‘her loss can never be compensated but she will always be alive in our memory. This award is the best way to commemorate the work that she had done with the organization ’. Many health writers also spoke how affectionate and a gem and genial of a lady she was, how she ‘infected’ even a sullen and crestfallen person with hope and smile. Sirdi Sai Baba was her sheet anchor of faith.

All the details of the award, application form and other details will be available on the NGO’s website starting January 2014. The award will carry Rs. 11,000 in cash along with a citation and memento.

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